When we hear the word New Year, we start thinking of the past year. I guess it is just part of reflection and to re-think about the choices we made in the past and how to fix them for the coming year. 2015 was a crazy year for me, I got into the addiction of makeup, well I was already for the past 2 years but it was this year that I took bolder steps like using all my pocket money to buy makeup products that I don’t really need.  Best part was, when I started my beauty blog. Writing is my passion(not that I am a writer), I love to write, writing is my way of expressing my emotions. Makeup is my hobby turned passion…altogether addiction.  So blogging had to happen, right?

Being in this field now, gave me an exposure to the huge world of beauty. Latest makeup products that every company has come out for us to spend our money on and a lot of beauty trends that I found unnecessary and has been hyped about overly.

So the following are some of the makeup/beauty trends that I think should stop in the coming year.

  1. Cream Contouring– I don’t mind a little bit of contouring here and there but cream contouring is way too much. A lot of products slapped on the face unnecessarily. Think about it, we buy foundations according to our skin tone, then we have a contour cream(which to be honest is just another foundation)1 or 2 shades darker than our skin tone again. No matter what names the beauty industry use for these creams, they are foundations. Now, you need to apply this dark shade on top of your foundation on the contours of cheeks, nose, forehead, temples, jaw line, chin. Even those with very slim jaw line, small forehead, beautiful nose do all these painful contouring. Now tell me, how much of your ACTUAL foundation can be seen? I refused to follow this then and still refuse to do so. As I said, I like to contour, but using powder and on areas only where it is necessary, like I don’t have to contour my chin because my fave beauty guru did so, I don’t need to contour my lower lips.. I think no one needs too.
  2. Under eye brightening/Highlighting- now that you have your contoured face, it is time to apply one shade lighter than your own skin tone using a concealer or highlighter from the contour palette. You need to apply that on “V” area of your under eye to brighten it up. So process is, Foundation, contouring, then concealer because mama has got lots of concealers sent by companies and she has to use it no matter what. So she conceals her “dark circles” even if there isn’t any dark circles then apply a lighter shade of concealer and form a V shape to brighten up. So this makes 2 layers of concealers. Few months back, this light shade was applied after contouring all over areas that aren’t contoured because technically after contouring you are left with areas that will be hit by natural light(those are the areas you need to highlight)but beauty mamas eventually started using concealer for that because this time they will brighten up the under eye only and highlight the rest of the areas using Shimmer highlighters, after all Strobing has to happen to since it is the trend. Did you count how many products are on your face now? I lost count.
  3. Clown contouring- What the heck was that? It came and thank God it disappeared.(at least I think so) It was basically drawing different colors of products all over face and use beauty blender to give the skin a flawless look. I saw girls use color correctors for that. This has got to stop. I just don’t see why one should do that.
  4. Over drawn dark brows– These kind of brows reminds me of Instagram. While sometimes they look good in pictures, it is not the case in person. You will look fake. Definitely do your brows, but keep it as natural as possible. If you want to meet someone, make sure they see “you” first and not just your brows. You know what I mean?
  5. Save money and not buy unnecessary products– I find a lot of products are just made just for the sake of earning. And buyers need to be wise in this case. I know one can be so desperate to look beautiful with makeup but we need to be the beauty with brains. Products such as lip primers, lip lockers, under eye primers, and all the primers that I haven’t discovered yet are so unimportant and a total waste of money in my pint of view. Imagine those who buy only high-end products spending a fortune on a lip primer? Well, please do if you have money. But saddest part is , even those who can’t afford are inclined to buy because that’s the trend and her rich friends buy the expensive ones only. Girl, buy liquid lipsticks, they will last on your lips for a long period. Apply foundation on lips if you think the color of the lipstick isn’t showing up on your pigmented lips. Be creative.

Stop copying everyone and set a trend for yourself. Spend wisely according to your budget, skin and age. What suits others might not suit you. If you are an olive-skinned watching a very fair girl using a lip shade that’s so beautiful, chances are that lipstick won’t suit you because you both have different skin tones. This goes for foundations and colored contacts lenses. There is no harm in getting inspiration from the lovely YouTubers but watch them and get inspired wisely 😉

What are the makeup trends you think should stop?

Stay Gorgeous!!



Highlighting- don’t get me wrong on this. I love highlighting…so much that I don’t really care what time of the day it is and where I am going to. But


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  1. Hey, Beauty! Great article and I agree to some extend with you regarding the hype around some beauty trends. However my personal opinion is that the balance is the key. I don’t agree that the cream contouring and the under eye concealing have to go away. There is time and place for everything – for example they are perfect for glam up look or for women with extensive dark circles. With that being said I totally feel you when you say that the industry is trying to sell us tons of unnecessary products. I personally prefer wearing light makeup for everyday and going crazy for the special occasions 😀
    Wish you a fabulous New Year and many blogging successes!

  2. I actually like some of those trends like under eye highlighting and brightening but to each their own 🙂 At the end of the day makeup is fun!

  3. I was actually nodding off on all your points..They have really created a big hype on the contouring n concealing front..Mostly with all that extra layers you look like a clown ..oops..great post veena

  4. 5th point yes! i actually want to try the clown contouring just for the fun of it for once. i would never do it everyday or even for a special occasion

  5. love all these points, though I am guilty of the under eye brightening and do it on a daily bases. I have never been able to get the cream contouring

  6. Definitely agree with your 5th point and I have already been trying hard to not over purchase unnecessary products. Hopefully I can keep this up during 2016

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. Great post and SO very true! Sometimes there are just so many ridiculous trends… While I love makeup and fun trends, I dont fall for many of the silly hyped up trends. Thankfully I am not inclined to buy what I cannot afford too! lol