Welcome to the 1st “Match My Makeup” post. Going to a party and confused with what kind of makeup matches your outfit? I got you covered. I got the idea of doing this post when a member of my Facebook page messaged me asking for suggestions on makeup looks she can do that will match her dress. So I thought why not start such a series of posts. So here is the first one.

Combination of blue and pink is so “in” nowadays that I thought of making it my first “Match My Makeup” post.

Blue and Pink makeup - Makeup revolution palette

The dress has most parts in blue and the work done on it is mostly in pink though there are yellow and greens too. But when applying makeup it is not necessary to have all these colors on your face. However you can get creative and do that too. But here we are going to focus on the colors that we see the most. There will be three finish looks from light to dark.

Products used:

Lancome eyeshadow base– apply from crease up until brow bone.

Nyx Eyeshadow base -for the lid.

Makeup Revolution palette from the Ultra Professional collection.

Pink and blue makeup - makeup revolution- makeup-

Steps on how to apply Makeup:

  1. Apply eyeshadow base from crease up to the brow bone and set with eyeshadow of same  color or setting powder. If you do not have eyeshadow base, use concealer or foundation as base.
  2. Next on the crease, apply a matt pink shade as a transition color. Blend well and color should show from the outer to the inner corner of crease.
  3. Taking the 7th shade from the left of the Makeup Revolution palette, I applied it onto the crease creating a very thin line and blended slightly just to give a hint of blue to the eye makeup not over doing it. In my opinion blue is a shade not everyone will be comfortable wearing ,so I kept it as light as possible at the same time showing it. If you do not like blue, replace it with a black or brown.
  4. Next, apply white eye shadow base all over lid very neatly. You can use the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk too. We want that pink to pop out with this white base.
  5. Then on top of it, apply the 6th shade of the Makeup Revolution palette which will be our pink shade and star of the makeup look. I just find pink morePink and blue makeup - makeup revolution- makeup-

    wearable so I prefer having it on the lid. However , you can always change according to your liking. You can apply the blue on the lid instead of pink and have darker pink on the crease.

  6. Lastly, blend the lid shade with the blue crease shade very neatly and in very small blending motion just to diffuse the harsh line. Your first look is done here.
  7. You ca now apply a black eye pencil on the upper and lower lash line, then mascara and false eyelashes if you wish or you can skip that too. Now, you can always use green pencil for lower lash line since there is green on the embroidery done on the dress.

This look is perfect for any time of the day.

Pink and blue makeup - makeup revolution- makeup-







Now if you want to make the look darker, you can always do that. For the 2nd look, I applied the blue shade on the outer corner of the lid too to make it look a little darker. For a dramatic look, I applied black eye shadow on  the crease and outer corner of the lid.

Now you have 3 makeup look ideas for a blue & pink dress combination.

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