Hair care time today!!! Makeup happens everyday but skin and hair care is something that we neglect most of the time. But my hunt for products for everything that nourishes skin, hair and nails continues and I was lucky enough to have been found by the product itself this time. Yes, I go out hunting but this product hunted me. Maxon was kind enough to offer me some products to try and gave me the liberty to choose products according to my skin issues. When I saw the Hair Rejuven set, without any second thought I requested for it and got them.

MAxon Hair Rejuven- hair care

Let me tell you guys my hair’s nature and issues first. I have naturally silky and very soft hair. Issues I have is it becomes greasy the next day after I shower , just recently I started having sensitive scalp with acne/pimples here and there which cause itchiness, dandruff and hair fall. You must be thinking what is left? All these issues appeared in different times not all together. Woman under goes a lot of changes specially after having kids, these petty issues are just part of those changes. Important is, find the problem and start working on it.

Though I have always treated my hair fall and dandruff problem with home-made remedies (Click here and here for the remedy), this time I wanted to try something from the market and medicated. So here is where Maxon Hair Rejuven makes an entry to my life.

Maxon Hair Rejuven AED280


If you want to know about this brand, click here to check the details. The Hair Rejuven set comes in a box with 15 ampoules and nozzles that you need to attach for application.

What Maxon says:

Combats lifeless locks and thinning tresses with thee rejuvenating ampoules that breathe new life into every head of hair. Its rejuvenating, non-greasy formula deeply penetrates each follicle to activate natural oils that produce healthy hair and scalp.


  • Contains:
  • Vitamins
  • Panthenol
  • Biotin
  • Substances that stimulate blood movement to nourish hair follicles.
  • I works on hair loss, broken hair, itching, dandruff and dryness of scalp and revitalises hair

My take on this:

I have used this for quite sometime now and when I started my hair was not dyed and have dyed my hair recently too and will share the results with both non-dyed and dyed hair.


Non-Dyed hair:

I used this daily, at night before going to bed. Let me just get straight to the point, after using this a couple of times, I noticed less itchiness which gradually disappeared, no more pimples on my scalp. For me, this is something I am really happy about. I have no issues with lifeless hair or dryness,so texture-wise my hair is the same.

Dyed hair:

After dying my hair, it just became very dry , at first I thought it was the dye that made it look lifeless and after shampooing all will be back to normal but it didn’t. I became dry day by by day. The natural softness and silky hair was no more and it freaked me out a lot. Somehow ,I stopped using hair rejuven when I was done with half the bottles but thought to continue and see if it works with the issue that I have started facing. This time I used it in the morning after kids leave for school at around 7:30 and take shower at 11am. I did this for 3 days only , and can see huge difference. Seems like the natural oils of my hair has returned and feels soft to some extent.

The product is just like water in formulation, after applied you will feel your fingers a little tacky which is expected as it is not plain water. After applied , my hair did not change texture like becoming greasy or anything but I found it best applied at night before bed. During the day, if I plan to go out or have some events, I prefer not applying it as I want my hair to look as light and fresh as possible after shampoo. Also if applied at night, I just feel that the serum will actually will actually be 2x effective than applied during the day. Just my thought.

Those were the cons, I have two pros for the product. I wish they were in just 1 bottle instead of several tiny bottles , it would have been more convenient to use that way and store too. Not unless there is a scientific reason behind the tiny bottles. Another drawback I can see here is the price tag. AED280 is not in the “affordable” rage and not everyone can afford. I wish it was little cheaper so everyone can try. Considering the fact that they are high-end, then the price suits as well as the products really work.

Additional Information:

The products are available in pharmacies across UAE and Qatar for now and will be also available in other GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, .. ) and online soon.




Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company for reviewing but all thoughts shared in this post is my honest opinion and not by any means controlled or paid by the company. This product suited me, solved some of my skin issues but I do not claim that it will suit everyone as all of us face different issues and have different skin types. Buying or trying the product is solely the reader’s decision.



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