Looking at my recent pictures, I simply am amazed to notice a huge difference. I no longer feel the need of editing my photos specially my lip swatches. Before , I had to edit because of the uneven skin tone but recently I noticed that I just do not need to anymore. Though I care about my skin a lot, I maintain my face scrubs, masks etc but my current skincare routine includes some amazing products that I would like to share with you all and I just know they have contributed a lot to these amazing changes in my skin. So here I have with me, Maxon Soft White luxury skincare range to share with you all.

Maxon Soft White

Maxon Soft White skincare

This set is to brighten and lighten skin. I have the following products for face:

  1. Soft White Facial Wash
  2. Soft White Cream & Lotion
  3. Soft White Serum


  • contains skin brighteners such as fruit acids, vitamins, arbutin and mandressy extract.
  • holds the secret to lighter, clearer skin and ageless beauty.

So basically, this skin care range is not just brightening your skin but also will work as anti ageing potion. I have always highlighted the “anti ageing” fact in all of my skincare posts. Once you hit 25, it is essential to have a proper skincare routine which includes anti ageing products. I am not into lightening my skin tone at all as I never believe in products claiming to change your skin tone from dark to light. I refuse to! But, I do believe in having a healthy skin care routine to brighten and add glow to you skin. This , you can achieve. All you need is to maintain taking care of skin. We women face a lot of changes through out our life and I have heard many complaining of dull skin esp after delivery.

Remember, if you are not following any kind of skincare routine, your skin will become duller each day, rough, discolored and you will eventually see dark spots and wrinkles very soon. 

So right now, my current skincare routine consist of the following: ( In order of application)310 AED for the Set

Soft White Face Wash


  1. Soft White Face Wash – this foaming gel eliminates daily grimes, excess oil and makeup. It is in a gel form which I believe, is suitable for all skin types. It forms a creamy lather which makes it easy to for me to massage all over my face and removes dirt. I suggest “massage” while cleaning so you make the product reach the deepest of dirt. 65 AEDMiracle Working Brightening Serum
  2. Miracle Working Brightening Serum– The next step is to apply this serum and leave it on for 10 minutes. It has powerful blends of fruit acids, aloe vera and natural skin brighteners that renews, revitalizes and refreshes skin. It has a very light consistency almost like water, after applying it won’t feel greasy at all. I like this serum so much, it is one of my favorites at the moment. I make sure never to miss using it and my favorite is to apply it at night and sleep on it. I just feel my face pampered the whole night using this product. 155 AEDSoft White Cream & Lotion
  3. Soft White Cream & Lotion for fairer and brighter skin-this product minimizes the appearance of freckles, acne marks and dark spots. It is enriched with natural ingredients such as bearberry extractm liquorice root and vitamin PP. All these formula concentrates on lightening and brightening your skin making it look glowing and youthful. 155AED

Did they lighten my skin?

I would say my skin is bright now after using this. Been using for over a month now and the results are amazing. The result is not instant , but you will see your skin changing gradually from 2nd week of usage on wards. MAxon Sunscreen

After applying all of the above, I apply my Max 100 Sun protection. If you want a good , bright skin, protect it from sun by using a good sunscreen and this is my holy grail at the moment.


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These products are available in all Pharmacies in U.A. and Qatar and shortly in other GCC countries as well as online.


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the company for reviewing but all thoughts shared in this post is my honest opinion and not by any means controlled or paid by the company. This product suited me, solved some of my skin issues but I do not claim that it will suit everyone as all of us face different issues and have different skin types. Buying or trying the product is solely the reader’s decision.

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