Today was a very eventful day. A great experience and adventurous. Think about meeting your followers face to face, interacting with them personally, whew! I just loved every moment of it.

The event was organized mainly to introduce Paese Cosmetics kiosk located in Ibn Batuta Mall. Since I am a very loyal buyer of the brand, it was a great pleasure to be part of them and was happy to host the event. This was not the first event with them and definitely won’t be the last. I am so proud to mention that my first event with them was a one day basic makeup workshop attended by around 20 ladies( we had maximum 18 attendees in mind due to space), second was a Masterclass Self-makeup class and third was a casual meet & Greet. All these events comes with no surprise for my followers as they know how much I love Paese products and have used them in my tutorials too.

We invited a total of 15 ladies of which 10 arrived.

Highlights of today’s Meet & Greet Event:

  • introduction to Paese Cosmetics located in Ibn Batuta Mall
  • I shared my favorite products from the brand and my lovely followers took with them home some of them <3
  • I shared some tips & tricks on the best way to use each product in different ways
  • I got the chance to show some of them how to do their makeup by doing their makeup
  • Paese staff were there all the while ho assisted each and everyone and supported
  • each and every one who attended went back home with a goody bag full of Paese goodness

Favorite Products of the Day:

  • Glitters
  • Foundations
  • rice powder
  • argan oil

Below are some of the moments captured during the event.

veena paese cosmetics

veena paese cosmetics

Goody Bag:

Goody bags pictures captured by our attendees <3

Photo credit: Uzma


Photo credit: Aisha








Some of their feedback:

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