addtext_com_MTE1NDUyMjA0NjMyHi Peeps,

Previously I did a review on Mikyaji Color Fantasy Make Up kit (eyeshadows). Today I’m going to show you all what is in the rest of the kit.

Mikyaji color Fantasy Make up kit(Lip palette)

So this is the lip palette in the kit and offers a variety of colors as you see in the picture but I personally think most of the colors are useless. Reason being they are more of a lip gloss than lipsticks with not much pigmentation.

addtext_com_MTIwMTQyMTgyNjE0I swatched some of the colors from palette and as you see, the colors hardly show up. These shades are suitable for those have very fair skin not dark-skinned like me. Right now, I have no idea where and how to use them.

addtext_com_MTMwOTE4MjEzNTcxSo this is palette has some essentials for the face. Face powder, blusher, highlighter and powder foundation.

Face palette
Face palette

This is the concealer palette which has 4 shades to choose from. Coverage is good and is ideal for good and the lightest shade can be used to highlight.

Eyebrow palette
Eyebrow palette

This is the eyebrow palette ,again 4 shades to choose from.

addtext_com_MTMxNDU5MjEzNzc2This make up kit comes with 4 eye/lip pencils.

addtext_com_MTIwMzIxMjA1Njk2Last but not the least, applicators for eyeshadows, blush and lipstick.

Here you go guys, just a short post on what you will find inside the make up kit. For the eyeshadow swatches,click here.

Thank You for reading.



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