Hi Peeps,

I have a mini haul to share with you guys today and if you are in one of the Middle East countries, you’d know that Mikyaji is on partial sale at the moment. So I had to go and check what stuff are worth getting and to be honest I was not attracted to many items.

The sale was juts okay, mostly on perfumes which costed from AED29 onwards after sale, lots of lipsticks on sale from AEd9,15 and 29, same with nail polish , lip/eye liners and that’s it. I was hoping for sale on everything from foundation to powders etc but there wasn’t though the sales lady tried convincing me that the posted price was sale but no one can fool mama. I know the regular price. Anyways, the only products from their 22k that were on sale were the nail polish, eye/lip pencils, highlighters, blush , face powders and individual eyeshadows. While the eye/lip pencils were sold at aed9 at sale price, the powdered stuff in my point of view were still pricey.

But I did pick few stuff , made sure they were from aed9 stuff but still ended up having stuff from the aed15 too.

Mikyaji Eye pencils

I bought these 3 eye pencils, that I already am loving. Very pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. Though the black seems to be not as intense as I wanted, but won’t complain. The packaging is really beautiful. I love their 22k range packaging, all golden and hot.

Mikyaji MAkeup

Ever since liquid lipsticks came in the market, I stopped buying lip gloss so you can imagine it’s been ages since I got one. So this time I thought of getting one lip gloss to try and so far I am liking it. Another interesting thing from the sale is their liquid liners, I got one in blue which is an amazing stuff. Highly recommend!

The nail polish is so crappy, the formula is awful and it has a weird matte finish. I won’t recommend anyone getting that nail polish. I’m not sure if it’s this colour only but won;t take risk without trying.

I also got a highlighter that made me so upset that I didn’t even bother to take a picture. I just couldn’t figure out how to get the product out of the tube. It is so frustrating. I know I can return it but , I have to go to the mall just for that single item and to be honest I was impatient and was dying to try that highlighter.




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