It took me a while to review these but better late than never. The Mikyaji Kohl pencils are a hit or miss? Want to know? Read along. 

So I had a haul post previously on Mikyaji products and it was one of the most viewed post I had. Never knew a lot would be interested. You can check the post here.

Miyaji Koh Eye Pencils

Kohl pencils were among the few items I purchased.



01 Black Dawn- the black

03 Blazing Red- the red of course

06 Emerald Eyes- the green

mikyaji eye pencils - mikyaji makeup- mikyaji makeup reviews


  • creamy
  • pigmented
  • easy to apply
  • retractable/twist up
  • beautiful packaging
  • very cheap on sale
  • The Emerald Eye is very long-lasting
  • Emerald eye doesn’t smudge at all
  • The black is a very intense shade
  • lot of product in the tube

mikyaji eye pencils emerald eyes- mikyaji makeup- mikyaji makeup reviews


  • The black shade is not smudge-proof
  • The black shade easily disappears
  • When applied on waterline, the black shade smears
  • The black pencil is definitely not lasting.

mikyaji eye pencils emerald eyes- mikyaji makeup- mikyaji makeup reviews

So conclusion is, the black shade is not that good if you are looking for a smudge proof liner(a big no for water and tight lining) but it can be a very good liner to be applied on the lid for a cat wing look and set with an eyeshadow OR can be a very good eyeshadow base for dark colors. The Emerald Eyes shade, which is a green shade was the best product I picked. It stays long, doesn’t smear or smudge, color is intense and everything good if you are into greens. ( Check swatch here)Regarding the red shade, I am still in a love/hate relationship with it as am in the process of understanding it until now. I haven’t used it as eyeliner but have used as lip liner. The color is very pigmented which makes it a very good base for lipstick. I have yet to try on the eyes to give my honest review on it. I love that these pencils are retractable and won’t go through the headache of having to sharpen it all the time and very few good quality drugstore brands offer that.

makeup look using mikyaji makeup
Wearing Emerald Eyes As Eyeliner

I got these pencils for AED9 each on sale this DSF which I believe was a very good price for the Mikyaji 22k range as their quality is really good.



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