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Many of you have been asking me on my thoughts on Korean beauty products and all I said was I love most of them because of the amazing ingredients infused in their makeup products which are beneficial for skin also. That’s how simple I can put it together.

mimostudio flying kiss lipsticks  , korean makeup, korean beauty

So here I have The Flying Kiss ; the new range of lipsticks by Mimostudio and wait till you hear more about them. Are they really worth it? It is offered in three smooth vivid colors and truly pigmented.


It is our conventional lipstick tube ,white in color and feels very luxurious. two shades I have put in my travel bag already as they are very handy and hydrating yet long-lasting.

mimostudio flying kiss lipsticks  , korean makeup, korean beauty

Key Ingredients:

  • 15% Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride- derived from coconut oil and glycerin,it’s considered an excellent moisturizer and skin replenishing ingredient.
  • 13% Polyglyceril-2 Triisostearate- a mixture of the fatty acid and a form of glycerin that functions as a skin conditioning agent.
  • 12% Silica- Mineral found abundantly in sandstone , clay and granite as well as in parts of plants.
  • 8% Trioctyldodecyl citrate- mixture of octyldodecanol and citric acid used as a skin-softening agent and moisturizer. 
  • 8%  Isononyl isononanoate- synthetic ester that functions as a moisturizing skin-softening agent. Occurs naturally in cocoa oil.

mimostudio flying kiss lipsticks  , korean makeup, korean beauty

So, just by looking at the main ingredients, we can see that it has a lot of moisturizing properties which is more than enough for me to prefer them over other lipsticks because of my naturally ,dry lips. However, many moisturizing lipsticks bleed a lot and would smear all around lips after few minutes but the Mimostudio lipsticks do not which is why I am carrying them with me everywhere.

mimostudio flying kiss lipsticks  , korean makeup, korean beauty

The ICN Pink is one of my go-to shades whether is it day or night it is something I cannot just go wrong with because of its very wearable shade.


The DXB Red is a red shade that will pretty much suit all skin tones and and beautiful bold cat wing liner will complet the look.

CDG Purple looks so overwhelming at first glance but it actually is a very wearable purple and I love pairing it with a light purple smokey look.


mimostudio flying kiss lipsticks  , korean makeup, korean beauty
Swatch in natural daylight
You can get the set of three for AED135 Only HERE 


mimostudio flying kiss lipsticks  , korean makeup, korean beauty
Indoor swatch

Did i tell you also also get the Fairy Tale sheet mask on a purchase of products worth AED200 ?? How Cool!

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