addtext_com_MDIxNzI1MzUwNQThis post is dedicated to all those ladies out there who are lost in the world of kids, husband, in-laws,  job. We always have excuses for not able to do anything for ourselves at home.

I’m not against going to beauty parlors to get beauty services done, but if one can do at home, why not? Many of you would disagree to this and would say how can I do this with kids around or when they are asleep there’s the house chores that needs to be attended to. Ladies, it’s just a matter of determination, willingness and time management. It’s not really that hard. There was a time when I hardly comb my hair, I think there were times when I even couldn’t wash my face. But I decided I’m not going to let this continue. After the kids leave for school, I take all the time to scrub my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair, apply oil then continue with my work. If your kids are not school going, it’s not that you will be standing by their side like a security guard 24 x 7. There will be a time when they will be busy playing or doing something they like, that’s the time you need to give yourself. Put them for a short nap, and that’s the best time for your manicure/pedicure. you don’t need to do mani/pedi on daily basis, so you can do facial on other days etc.

Trust me guys, this feels so good, when you feel good, you feel happy, happy mommy happy home 🙂 <3


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  1. I don’t have kids yet but still I can relate to this whole “I dont have time” thing. I study a lot so sometimes I forget how happy it makes me feel just to put on some nail polish or something like that. Now I try to make time for those small things. And it realy helps and takes the stress away.
    Thank you for your post 🙂