bathandbodyworks Well, well , well. Bath & Body Works really do not need any kind of introduction , I mean who doesn’t know this brand? ( I assume everyone knows) This is how much I love BBW. I feel like everyone just know about them , they are that good. Everything that I bought from there, surprisingly worked for me. Each and every one of the products! So here are my faves of this year.

Short review: The lotions, body mists and shower gels mentioned in this post worked perfectly for me. I love the fragrance , effect and the staying power.

I buy Bath & Body Works literally in bulk during the sale season when everything is in the range AED10 to 25! This way, I am good to go for the year 😛 Best part about being in U.A.E is, you have sale mostly throughout the year and buying once is never enough. So even with the “bulk” that I take home, I still end up going for a couple of more rounds of “bulk’ to get whatever is left. LOL Though I love almost all of their range from lotions to candles to body mists, this post will have only my favorites or it will be too long.

bath&bodyworksSKyVioletlilyBath & Body Works Sky Violet Lily – contains Shea & Vitamin E

This lotion is very close to my heart as I used this on my dad the very first time and finished it on him too. He couldn’t apply himself as he was very ill and so I did it for him. It’s fragrance and the bottle itself will always remind me of him and “those moments” May Allah give him the best place in Jannah.Ameen


bbwappleblossom&lavenderBath & Body Works Apple Blossom & Lavender Body Lotion- Contains Shea and Vitamin E

Best ever smelling lotion and stays long.




appleblossom&lavenderbbwBath & Body Works Apple Blossom & Lavender Body Mist- Though they have the same flavor as the lotion above, they smell so different. But this one is my favorite pair. I apply the lotion first and then spray all over. <3




bath&bodyworks-makeupworldbyveena-makeup-skincareBath & Body Works Twilight Wood Luxury Bubble Bath

I love Twilight, be it the time of the day or the movie 😛 ( only the 1st part though) LOL

The tub smells heavenly with this, I promise.



coolamazonrainbbwBath & Body Works Cool Amazon Rain Fragrance Mist






skybathandbodyworksBath & Body Works Sky Violet Lily – this one smell almost the same as the lotion I mentioned first.






Last one I have here is a shower gel, as you see I already squeezed out the very last drop of it. The bath tub smells like strawberry , one of my favorite aroma for a very refreshing shower. <3


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