Hi Peeps! Want a detailed review on my Essence Beauty Picks? Read along. <3

Many a times I walk pass through the Essence Cosmetics Kiosk in Geant, Ibn Batuta but have never stopped to really dig into what they had to offer. But one day, I just had to stop as I was out of mascara and couldn’t decide which one to pick as replacement and thought why not have something really cheap till I decide which “great mascara” to get. So there I picked my very first Essence product , the mascara in the orange tube, I totally forgot the name and I do not have that anymore with me but they have in different colors so the orange one lying on the shelf would be that one. The moment I tried it, I fell in love. I am not a hard to please person let me tell you that, but regarding mascara, I am just as difficult. I have baby lashes, I do not like wearing falsies and moreover I decided not to wear false lashes anymore. So in this case I want a mascara that would do the job. I used the Smashbox double exposure which is still my favorite, I love the Loreal Superstar mascara, but sometimes you just want to try something new and with new I want affordable. Turned out Essence mascara which was for aed12 was my a best decision. From that day on wards, I kept going back to their shelves to try different stuff and now I just discovered a new love for this brand.

Here are few of my top picks.

Essence Mascara

These are the mascaras I have at the moment, I won’t say they are great and nothing like any or whatsoever, but they are so far the best for the price. They curl my lashes ( after 2 coats) , volumize, and at times lengthens too. It doesn’t do magic, so you need to work on bringing the results you want and for that you may just have to apply a couple of coats. I don’t mind because they are so affordable and definitely show result. Had they been one of those that show zero results and cost AED5 , I would have never gone back to them. But they are amazing. Check out my Instagram and Facebook for the swatches.

Essence Lipsticks- Essence ip Gloss

Their Lipsticks and XXXL Lip gloss are also amazing.

XXXL Lipgloss:






No annoying smell


Not Longlasting



Very Creamy


Do not sit on the lines of lips

Glides on smoothly

Beautiful shades


Not longlasting

essencelipstickswatches-cool nude-natural beauty

Though the tube says they are long-lasting, you can expect them to last for good 2 hours not more, but I do not mind touch ups because that is the case mostly with other lipsticks I have. It totally depends on what your requirements from a lipstick are. For me, I like lipsticks that have no scent at all, easy to apply that glides on smoothly and Essence lipstick fulfill those needs of mine  They cost AED 12 I think maybe less or more. Check out the swatches here , here and here.

Essence Matte Touch Blush

Essence Matte Touch Blush: essence matt touch blush

These blushes are amazing, feels very soft, not chalky and pigmented. You might need to work on the staying power a bit. For that, my tip is to pat the product on the apples of the cheeks instead of swiping or brushing on. This way the product will stay put. It did last with me this way.


essencelipliner-nude-plum cakeTheir lip liners are a must haves too, the color pay off is so good , they have variety of shades(if you are lucky enough to get hold of their new stock ) and are the best lipstick base ever. I love the shade Plum Ckle, I use it as a base of any nude lipstick I have and it gives more pigmentation and keeps my lipstick on lips for a longer period. AED9 each

Essence all about Roses Eyeshadow

This is the All About Roses Eyeshadow palette and surprisingly they turned out really

Top Row

good. In the palette they seem super shimmery but infact it is a mixture of shimmer and matte shades. Can be a bit chalky but not to the extent that it annoys. Pigmentation is very good but make sure to use any eyeshadow base so they stay on your eyes for long. I am not sure how they will work without eyeshadow base, but I always use eyeshadow base even for high-end brands, so it is just a part of my makeup routine.

Bottom Row

They have other palettes of this sort too with a different theme to suit your demands.

The next products I would like to highlight are their single eyeshadows which are one of the softest eyeshadows ever.

essence eyeshadow-essence single eyeshadow


They are truly amazing. Pigmented, lovely colors, non-creasing, not chalky, a bit of fall outs for the matte ones but not too much. I love these two shades. One for contouring and other for highlighting. Perfect shades.

The above products are all less than AED20 each , highly recommended and a must have for me. Available in Geant, Ibn Batuta, Lulu , Carrefour. Do comment below if you know where it is available specifically.



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  1. This brand is amazing! Try the lash princess mascara girls for aed 18 it is phenomenal volume curl and lengthiness and waterproof as well!
    I was blown when I tried it and haven’t stopped using it ever comparable to the very popular high end mascaras. You can find it in Carrefour markets in Dubai will check geant now that I know and essence is also available on souq.com for the same prices in stores.
    The blushes are terrific too and the eyeliner pens, lip liners and nail polishes are superb as well.
    Such affordable high quality products will blow your mind. Puts a shame to my Sephora purchases I would say.