When I got introduced to BB cream for the first time, I always thought why complicate with another product that is merely a mix of moisturizer and a little foundation. But as I did more research and tried different brands ,I understood that BB creams are more than just a tinted moisturiser. I will not bore you with all the details but in short BB cream is kind of a lighter formula of foundation that is also a moisturizer with a sunscreen. I for one personally prefer full coverage makeup look or completely no makeup with just a sunscreen and nothing in between till I discovered the MISSHA M PERFECT COVER BB CREAM SPF42


Missha BB cream has become my favorite in an instant. It is not greasy like many other bb creams nor have the whitish layer that will sit on top of skin. It pretty much will feel like a moisturizer but look like a light coverage foundation that gives my skin tone an even look. My skin looks healthy , slightly matte but definitely not drying. In case you are interested, I wear shade 25.

Now, if you know me, you’d know that I choose products that are vegan or halal. I checked my app that can read ingredients and show if there are any questionable ingredients and thankfully my favorite BB cream is free from haram ingredients. However, I would highly request you to do your research in case you are particular about ingredients.

Good news is if you use my code “Veena20341″on their website , you get 20% off on any products you buy from them. So feel free to use if you wish to.

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