Seeing all the beauty bloggers posting about their monthly favorites makes me wonder, how on earth can they afford that much, because mostly are the latest release of the companies. So this is how I understood, they buy the latest products of so and so company, and pick their favorites from there. Phew! That’s going to be too much for me. At least for now, I can’t go and splurge on most raved products and pick my faves from those and then post. I’ll be doing this like every month! I wish! I wish I can just go and buy every month and have the heart to throw away what I don’t like and pick my favorites. Before buying, I make a list of what I need and order just those. (Yeah, I’m a good girl-let’s see till when LOL)

I created my version of “favorites’ post series” I’ll pick my favorite products from cosmetics brands I own ,be it 2 years old or 2 months. Not that I own millions of products from each brand, but I believe I can tell what are my faves among the stuff I used.  Today is all about my e.l.f favorites.

To be honest, with the price e.l.f offers, I can’t help but buy and try many of their products ,hence I have plenty of favorites too. But I don’t want to bore you guys with very long post so from those favorites, I picked my most favored ones that I’ve been reaching on every now and then.

el.f makeup remover cleansing cloth
el.f makeup remover cleansing cloth

el.f makeup remover cleansing cloth-
Putting on make up is always a pleasure but removing it is always a pain for my soul. LOL I just don’t understand why soap or face wash isn’t good enough to remove make up. I guess one reason to make us buy all those make up remover. So, coconut oil has been my favorite whenever I have a lot of make up to remove as it is safe, specially when  you clean around your eyes, I just find it better than those with chemicals in it. Besides that holy oil, I am in love with e.l.f cleansing cloths. They make my life easier. Those days when I don’t feel like grabbing cotton pads , and going through with the rest of the process of removing the paint on my face, these cloths are my best friends then. So easy to use, cleans very well and smells really good. You’re wondering if I wash my face after that? Yes, I do. After all I still have chemical on my face which can harm my skin maybe. But you don’t necessarily have to. Totally your call.

e.l.f High Definition Powder
e.l.f High Definition Powder

e.l.f High Definition Powder- My 2nd love from this brand is the High Definition face powder. I can’t live with loose powder. With my oily skin, I always keep one handy. They work perfectly, serves its purpose and I have no complains at all. Very much worth the money. FYI it is a dupe of Make up Forever HD Powder. So close your eyes and imagine you are using the MUF HD Powder. LOL


e.l.f Matte Lip Color- If I’m not mistaken, this is the only range of matte lipsticks e.l.f has. I might be wrong but I think it is. It comes in 6 shades and I bought all them at once. 3 shades suits me and the rest were too light for my complexion ,so passed them on to my sisters. They aren’t like any other matte lipsticks as they are a bit moisturized, it is not dry at all and definitely doesn’t dry your lips and easy to use. Pigmentation is awesome.  What I don’t like is the strong smell it has, can’t ignore it at all. I just wish they had more shades to choose from and that they work on the staying power too.

e.l.f make up mist & set
e.l.f make up mist & set

e.l.f make up mist & set- As you see it is still sealed and packed. I was just feeling lazy unpacking it. I ran out of my first bottle and this is actually my 2nd one. e.l.f really did a good job with this. I just have no reason why I should go for high-end brands and say bye-bye to this. Maybe I need to try one high-end make up mist first before I say this, but I have used this so I’m talking about this. Guys, if you want to try e.l.f , this one should be in your list.

DSC_5208e.l.f studio blush–  Here I’d say I’m not impressed with the pigmentation of these blushes. They are supposed to be dupes of Nars blushes but only by appearance,not performance. You might be wondering why this is in my favorite list. I love these blushes as highlighter. They are beautiful. These blushes are very good for highlighting purpose,well at least for my skin tone. I love Mellow Mauve and Giddy Gold in this range. I have a friend who uses Pink Passion as highlighter, though physically the blush seems to be dark pink. So now you got idea, how “not-so-good” pigmentation it has.

PicMonkey Collagee.l.f angled eyeliner brush- e.l.f studio range brush are of very decent quality I must say. So I got this one as making that perfect cat wing was almost impossible for me and this one saved my life.Nothing much to say on this, just that, go grab yours!

Let me know what are your favorites. Are you a fan of any of these ?



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  1. I hear good things about e.l.f. but when I went to order online, the shipping was more than the products themselves 🙁

  2. The only reason I would invest a few more dollars for a setting spray is to make sure it has safe ingredients, the ELF spray is made in China. I try to keep away from china-made since their regulations aren’t the best.