Today I’m gonna be giving a very short review on the mascaras that I got as samples from different sources. One, I got as a freebie after ordering some make up stuff, One from Glambox and one as a freebie along with a magazine I bought. I’ve used them a lot already and now will give you all an idea of what I think about them.


1. Smashbox Full Exposure Masacara:

Among the thee that I’ll be reviewing today, this one is my favorite. Before anything, let me tell you that I have short and thin lashes :'( So I need the best mascara in the world! So, getting back to smahbox mascara, It does what it says. It increased volume of my lashes as well as length. Not clumpy at all as most mascara I have and is oil-based which adds nourishment to lashes. Best part is , it is paraben-free!

addtext_com_MjMwNjM3MjUxMDU42. Roller Lash by Benefit:

This one has a curved wand which is supposed to give your lash extra curl that helps make eyes look wider. It is definitely a long wear mascara and anyone with already long lashes will benefit from it for sure. It is called Roller lash at is is inspired by the shape of hair rollers.

benefit roller lash mascara
benefit roller lash mascara

So this is a clearer picture showing the curve of the wand. Keep in mind, any mascara wand of this shape, will give your lash an extra curl , lifting your lashes up resulting to a wide open eye 😀

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Benefit They’re Real Mascara

3. Benefit They’re Real Mascara:

Okay the wand of this mascara is one of my favorite. It is just perfect for lengthening , volumizing and gives you lashes the spider look. What I don’t like is , it tends to get clumpy, it kinda gives a clumpy look but I think that’s why it adds volumes. So apply one layer of this mascara is enough to get your perfect lashes, 2 coats for more dramatic look. 😉

Do you happen to own one of these mascaras? Or maybe all? LOL

Do share you experience.

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  1. I’ve tried all of them and I have to say that I’m never impressed by Benefit’s mascaras. I’ve been spoiled though as I tried Diorshow, Guerlain Maxilash and Younique before trying benefit. All three are SUPERB. Great thorough review! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great post. I definitely have a problem with all makeup, especially mascara. Out of the ones you’ve listed, I am a HUGE fan of Full Exposure by Smashbox. The non-clumping formula is amazing.