Nivea…a name so familiar in ever household. Well, at least I think so. In my circle, most of my friends family have a lot if not at least one Nivea product in their homes. One among the many products is their ever classic Nivea Creme.

Nivea reminds me of our cozy home where I lived most of the happiest days of my life with my parents and siblings, it reminds me of my childhood, reminds me of my sisters’ mischief in sneaking into my mom’s drawers just to play with the creme , it reminds me of a lot of memories that I would want to hold on to till I can and I think that’s the reason, one can find this brand in my home now. Can’t even tell how many Nivea products I have used and own at the moment. I love it , my kids love it ..all of us just love it. In other words, this is a trusted brand to take care of our skin and offers the best products for self-pampering.

Nivea BB Cream

Their BB Cream probably the only product I haven’t tried yet. So when they sent me the goodies, I was so excited to receive not just one but two BB Creams to try. I got the Light and Medium and of course I had to try both.  The light one was a bit light for me but after setting it with a darker setting powder, it looked perfectly fine. My skin looked fresh and glowing and surprisingly it lasted for hours. The BB cream  feels greasy as applied and after a minute, it sinks into the skin and you’d notice the greasiness disappear. I have oily skin and I always use loose powders on my face on its own or to set foundations or BB creams. The Medium was a perfect shade for me and setting it with translucent setting powder gave me a finished look. As BB creams do, this one didn’t give me any visible coverage(BB Creams is not made to give full coverage anyway) but it did even my skin tone making my skin look very healthy. It lasted for a good 4 to 5 hours. I love using BB creams most of the time because it basically looks after my skin as it has minerals and provitamin b5 as well as gives me a decent coverage. Check out my post about the difference between a BB foundation and Foundation or why should you use BB Creams.

Nivea Anti Perspirant and Deodorants

They also have body sprays to choose from and I have actually used the ones in the picture. I keep going back to the fresh Natural deodorant , it has a very refreshing smell and lasts long. I am not into fruity or sweet scents at all and their sprays are just perfect to fit in my demands. They do not stain my clothes as other sprays do.

Nive Shower Gels powerfruit fresh and water lily & oil
Nive Shower Gels
Powerfruit Fresh and Water lily & oil

From the shower gels, my favorite is the Lemon flavor ..not sure of the exact name but it has lemon. From the two in the picture, the powerfruit fresh is what I have used a lot. Smells really good and leaves skin moisutrised for couple of hours. It lathers very beautifuly and you can blow bubbles while in shower with it  I actually still do this and even taught my kids to  do so. LOL


Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion
Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Do you know Cocoa Butter is very good for your skin? It is a natural moisturiser and is very good in soothing skin. So when Nivea came up with this amazing body lotion with one of my favorite skincare ingredients. I just knew I had to try it and from then onwards, it’s been one of my go-to body lotions. I filled a small bottle with this lotion and kept it besides my daughter’s bed and asked her to apply all over body before bed.  So if you have dry skin, you’d love this. I have oily skin but face only and my body becomes really dry in winters so this is the right time to invest on this one. You can’t have enough of Vitamins E for your skin as well.
Mivea Soft CreamWho doesn’t know about the Nivea refreshing cream, no matter how many fancy, high ends creams you own , you still need this cream every now and then. I feel this is the safest cream my kids could ever use. This cold weather sucks the natural oils out of our skin and this cream is so life saving and is opened several times in my home , this is how handy it is. I carried this when we went for camping last week as the size is just perfect to carry around too. Whether you want something to moisturise your face or body, this cream is for you.

So these are some of my favorite Nivea products , let me know which of these you have used as I am pretty sure you have already.

I would like to thank Nivea-Me for sending me these goodies that contains most of my favorite stuff and I got the chance to try this amazing BB Cream. 




Disclaimer: All of these products are sent to me by the company but all views expressed is totally my honest opinion.



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  1. NIVEA is my all time fav brand for lotions & creams. I still use Nivea cream. Definitely gonna try BB Cream & shower gel. Thank you veena☺️

  2. Hi I’d like to share the Nivea men’s after shave balm for sensitive skin is great as a moisturiser and works great as a makeup primer too. Not to forget to mention lots of product at that price!