Woot woot woot!! Guys this is so awesome! I am so happy to share with you all an achievement(well for me it is). True happiness is to get an email by one of the top cosmetic brands ,BH Cosmetics asking me if they can feature my blog post on their official blog. <3 Above all, it is one of my favorite brands, so you can imagine my happiness 😛
Just a little information about this post, a lot of hard work was put behind this post just so I can help some if not at least one of you in covering any imperfections specially dark circles, using makeup and for that I used my favorite concealer & corrector palette I have from BH cosmetics. 😀

Never did I thought to even get noticed by them. I promise myself, that from now and onward, I will never underestimate myself and you shouldn’t too.

Now it is there!! yoohooo!!!! It is a big thing for me, because there are lots of bloggers out there who have featured their products and being chosen among those, is just a big deal!! My hardwork paid off.

By the way, this particular post reached 600+ views overnight the day I posted, I heartily thank all of you who have read it, who have become my regular readers and all supports who ask me random makeup question in my inbox. Many of you have contacted me through emails with queries, guys I am so happy to receive those and be able to answer. You guys do not bother me at all and I am always happy to help.

Thank you BH Cosmetics , for this great gesture!

So here I am , on BH Cosmetics’ official website blog!!Yes, Click that <————


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  1. Congrats!!! What an accomplishment:) I saw your post on Instagram (I follow BH Cosmetics), I said to myself, that name sounds familiar, I know this person from somewhere lol! Then it registered finally in my brain and I was going WOW!!! How cool:) It is a fantastic post, much deserved! Congrats once again!!!!!

  2. This is so freaking awesome. That is one of my biggest goals as a blogger is to get a big company to contact me for blogging. I am so happy for you