addtext_com_MDAzNjU2Mjg2ODcSo here are my two favorite nail colors for this Summer. I’m so excited to share with you all. Forgive my nails as I didn’t wait to get manicure as I was very excited to post. So the first color is Avon Colortrend in the shade “Juicy” It’s a kind of Neon green. In the picture it is a bit lighter than the actual color. addtext_com_MDAzMTEwMjgyODcThe second color is a very pretty kind of Nude color from Avon Colortrend in the shade “Rare”. addtext_com_MDAzNDU1MTExMjUyAs you see, the color in the bottle is exactly the same as what you apply on your nails after two coats. It is very pretty and light that it will go well with just any dress color you want. I think I’ll be using this color more than the “Juicy” one. The consistency is very thin which is a turn off but with the second coat, it looks good. So one coat isn’t enough at all. Well, I mostly have all of my nail colors applied in two coats but with this one, I had to apply the third one too just to get the perfect result I want. I’ll give these 2 nail colors 3 stars over all. I love the colors but I wish Avon improves the quality. It costs aed18 each in this campaign.

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