Sephora Kiss Me Balm
Sephora Kiss Me Balm

So normally I would write about products that I own but couldn’t help myself from posting about this as I get many queries related to this. It is the most talked-about Sephora Kiss Me Balm.

Normally asked questions:

How different is it form other balm?

Is it worth buying?

My answer:

There is difference and that is the appearance and nothing else. It looks sophisticated as most Sephora products are. There is no single difference between this and my lip balms bought from Boots and my forever fave Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Wondering how I came to know when I don’t own it? A friend of mine bought one , didn’t like it much and passed on to me asking if I might want to try & review it. LOL I tried for a good whole week and found no difference at all.

Girls if you ask me, I’m happy to not have spent on it. Why spend around aed35 when you can get same quality for aed5 to 10 from anywhere. If you fancy the packaging, then go ahead.

I’m not sure if that’s the exact price, but if I remember it correctly it was around AED35.

There is nothing wrong with the product as it does what it says, just that there is NO difference between this and any other lip balms.

Details provided by Sephora

What it is:
A kissable scented lip balm with subtle or no color, that provides up to four hours of hydration.

What it does:
Kiss Me Balm features a creamy, comfortable formula to provide lip care while adding subtle color or no color at all. Choose from five luscious colors and one translucent shade, each with its own addictive matching fragrance. The dome-shaped applicator makes it easy to wear and reapply for moisturized lips all day long.

What else you need to know:
This product is dermatologist tested.

Research results:
– In a use test on 10 voluntary participants Kiss Me Balm provided 4 hours of hydration.

Photo source: Facebook Page -Sephora Middle East


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