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My mission still continues, to show you my favorites of 2015 before the year ends. 2 more days to go, eh? I have a long list but had to skip some as time is very less. So decided to pick the “important” ones. On top of this list are my favorite gel liners.

2015 has been a year with crazy cat wing liners, every second girl had those beautiful sharp, on-fleek cat eyes (well, because of the cat wing ) Everyone struggled with this art, and spent hours practicing just to be “in” the trend. We all know that to get a perfect wing, we have to have the right product. So here are my top 3 favorites that I have used a lot this year.

  1. Loreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner  in Pure Black

Loreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner Review, Cat wing liner

This was the first gel liner that won my heart. Inside the pot, it is as creamy as it was when I first bought it. I owned a lot of gel liners that just dried up and I had to use wet brush to apply them or they won’t apply smoothly. But this one was worth every penny. I think I bought it for AED85, a bit pricey if you come to think of a very small pot but trust me it is worth having. It is creamy, very pigmented , intense black and it made application so easy. I have oily lids, so I never apply liner without setting with powder, this eyeliner lasted really long and washing it off was not difficult at all.

If living in U.A.E , you can get this in any Loreal stand from Carrefour, Lulu, Lifestyle, Centrepoint

2. e.l.f cream eyeliner in Metallic Olive

e/l/f gel eyeliner metallic olive review

I don’t know why but e.l.f gel liners are so underrated. Many have complained for it being dry and not pigmented. Maybe it is the case with the non-metallic ones because what I have is metallic. This is one of the creamiest eyeliners. Glides on smoothly on the lids, colour pay off is beautiful and since it is Olive, I doubt this won’t show on my lid, so I set it a similar shade of eyeshadow and it works perfect!

Loreal Pure Black & e.l.f Metallic Olive
Loreal Pure Black & e.l.f Metallic Olive

Tips: Setting gel eyeliner with an eyeshadow makes it last longer.

3. Sumita- Black|Negro|Noir

Sumita Gel Eyeliner
Sumita Gel Eyeliner-Black

Last but not the least at all. A  black gel liner from Sumita Cosmetics. I have never heard of this brand ever before but saw this in one corner of Nazih’s outlet. Their products

Sumita Gel Eyeliner Black Review
Sumita Gel Eyeliner-Black

were on sale and they mostly had eye products. Since I have never tried anything from this brand, I was hesitant to pick a lot and settled for just one product and of course that had to be a gel eyeliner. I didn’t regret that moment. This product turned out to be a gem, from what I understand their range are mostly used by salons. Maybe that’s the reason we couldn’t find their products in malls. So let’s come back to the gel liner, It is creamy, texture almost the same as the e.l.f one, VERY long-lasting(note the capital letters), from morning till night the black remained the same , didn’t get lighter a bit. However, I find that it is not really intense black , which I normally like, but once again I set it with a black eyeshadow and I have my perfect liner.

All I need for a perfect line is a creamy gel , keeping it on is my job, I top it up with eyeshadow and I am good to go for the rest of my day.

Hope this post would help you find something that could be your favorite too, if you already have one , do let me know as I love trying gel eyeliners.

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  1. Lovely haven’t tried the sumita though will check nazih for it and do try maybelline drama gel liner it’s gorgeous and blackest black does not move or smear during the day of long wear.