Hi Beauties! 

While going through other beauty bloggers’ profiles, I use to have these questions in mind:

How does the person behind the blog look like?

How does she keep her room?

How many make up does she own?

How does shes organize them?

etc… etc…

When on You tube, I always enjoy watching the beauty gurus flaunt their make up organizers and share with us how much make up they have collected till date. To be honest, it is from them I got an idea on how to organize my stuff. Before, I just dump them in different make up pouches. 

DSC_5136I got this simple yet cute acrylic holder from Homes R us on sale for aed19. I just had to grab it! I saw plenty of different holders but those were too huge for me, or I’d say there were too many holders and I didn’t even have that much lipstick. 

DSC_5137I place it on my dressing table with the most used lipsticks in front of me.

DSC_5138Organizing my lipsticks just made my life easier. I don’t have many,not even 20 lipsticks, but still I forget where I kept them at times. With this holder, everything is just right in front of me.

DSC_5144I always experiment, and keeping my lippies in the holder upside down tells you how adventurous I am. This way, I see the shade as if they are kept straight, all i can see from above is the black lid. So this way, I see the product color clearly ,if not, I see the shade name. Works for some lipsticks specially if the lid is even and it will stand without shaking,

DSC_5143Another way I like keeping my lipstick is putting them on a fancy tray,which will look good on my dressing table. This way it is easy to access at the same time, they are all in one place. This was how I kept my lipsticks before I got the acrylic holder.I guess this would work if you have few lipstick like mine, otherwise, you’ll end up having only trays on your dressing table.


DSC_5142Do you have any post related to how you organize your make up? If so, do drop your link on the comment box and I’ll definitely check them out, as I mentioned earlier, I love looking at how others beautify their beauty space. 



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  1. I think the exact same thing when im reading other peoples blogs! I am super organised with all my makeup, perfumes, beauty products and I hate it when even one thing is out of place lol .

  2. oh my God so many lipsticks! <3 This reminds me – could you make a post on the what lipstick colours go with the best skin tones? <3 I would like to expand my collection but I don't want to look weird