Summer is here and with it comes different issues that we face when it comes to skin, nails, hair etc. Palmer’s offers us two main essentials that will be our next go-to products,I believe not just for this season but throughout the year.

Palmer’s Summer Essentials:

palmer's cocoa butter formula

Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic

This product for me, was a surprise as many would actually miss on foot care but Palmer’s has been very generous to think about the most neglected part of our bodies by coming up with this product.

Company claim:

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula® is enriched with Vitamin E and is meant to deeply moisturize rough, dry skin for naturally supple and soft feet. Our unique formulation incorporates Peppermint Oil and Mango Butter to revitalize sore, tired feet.  We feel that the best way to achieve great results is by applying a layer of Palmer’s Foot Magic to the feet at night and then covering them with cotton socks until the morning.

Foot magic is enriched with Cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

Benefits of cocoa butter: Prevents Skin Dryness and Peeling and with vitamin E we are sure it is going to be bomb. 

The wisest thing in this product is the addition of Peppermint oil which has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helping cool skin. 


Packaging: Classic Palmer’s packaging in a tube. It has all ingredients listed at the back as well as a little information and guide on how to get best results.



My feedback

I love how the formula is very moisturising and applies easily. I cannot stop admiring the fact that peppermint oil is present here as its aroma itself is very soothing. Feet feels very soft and I noticed a drastic improvement in my dry,cracked heel.

How I apply:

Apply generous amount on clean,scrubbed foot and wear socks. Leave it on overnight.

Palmer’s® Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

Who could have thought the summer essentials would be this great? A protein pack for hair is just something I feel was missing in life.

Company claim:

It for Dry, Damaged or Color Treated Hair. We love that it’s formulated with ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil and monoi oil, both which will leave your mane nourished with restorative qualities. It’s also free of any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes which make it suitable for all hair types.

The pack itself shows a lot of my favorite ingredient and coconut oil being on top. Let’s not forget the Protein that’s in it. Afterall, who doesn’t want protein for hair?


  • raw coconut oil
  • vitamin E
  • monoi oil
  • no sulfates
  • no parabens
  • no phthalates
  • no mineral oil
  • no gluten
  • no dyes

How I used it and feedback: 

On a shampooed and rinsed damp hair, apply generous amount all over till the end of strands. Put on a shower cap and left it overnight. The next day was the most awaited day of my life. As I was so excited to see if my hair has got some magical touch to it. Once the hair was rinsed, I almost just didn’t need a my hair brush to de-tangle as there was no tangling. Once dry(no blowing drying as I wanted to see the product’s results at its glory), that’s when I saw a healthy, glowing hair and my lifeless hair has the magical touch to it now. I know I’m too dramatic but I’m like this when I am happy with a product.


The best part of it all







Disclaimer: All products mentioned above were sent to me as Palmer’s Brand ambassador and in no way affects the honesty of my reviews.








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  1. Definitely need something for my hair and feet as well. Will check it out as i trust your reviews♡