Very common issue every woman faces is how to use concealer to hide even the tiniest imperfection on the face. This is something I struggled for few months, though, to be honest I don’t really have that much of problem with my skin like dark circles ,blemishes etc but it bothers me when I apply make up and my face’s color is not even. That’s where my hunt started. Played and experimented with plenty of concealers from drugstore to high-end but none satisfied. I always find that “ashy” shade after applying concealer under my eyes.Then I saw the video that went viral where the girl used red lipstick for her dark circles, I tired it. LOL I looked like a person who didn’t get food for 3 days. So I thought why not try lighter than red. So I Googled and that’s where I got an idea. So today I’ll share with you guys what I’ve been doing and I’m keeping it very simple and easy with not much use of technical terms. But, there are two terms here I’d like to clarify with you first before we proceed.

What is a……


Corrector is the shade you need to apply directly on the “discolored” part of your face, be it under eye circles,blemishes, pimples etc.


The shade you apply on the corrector to match the rest of your skin.

There is not much of things to understand here, just remember color combination of 6 different shade.

Color Chart for Concealing
Color Chart for Concealing

What to remember:

Check your “imperfections” carefully and try to determine the color. The dark skin toned people usually have bluish under eye cricles. Now , according to our chart, blue neutralizes with orange. The darker your blue, the darker your orange. It’s very easy, find that shade with which, when mixed with the pigmentation on skin that has to be covered, neutralizes its appearance. Similarly, red will be softened by green shade and yellow by purple. These 6 shades are what you usually will find in every human being’s skin,mostly. So just memorize the shades and you’re good to go. So basically these are the shades you are going to use as “correctors”.  For concealer, choose a color that is closest to the shade of your skin tone. Since you applied your corrector already,now this concealer will give you the perfect shade according to your skin tone. Bye bye ashy..greyish hues!

You will get correctors in almost every brand of different shades as well as concealers. If you can get a palette, then that’s a better option as you’d be able to save some bucks and you have all your products in one place. I use BH Cosmetics Concealer & Correcting palette in the shade medium.



This comes in a box with picture exactly the same as what you will find inside.


DSC_5459 It has the orange,yellow and green that our chart has which is in the bottom row. Now the top row has 3 different shades I can choose as a concealer which is closest to my skin tone. I can use one shade or even mix and match till I get my desired shade.

If the thought of many products applied to your face bothers you, I’d say don’t be. Use your ring finger to apply the correctors, this way you will be picking only very less product and just dab lightly on affected areas.

How to apply:

1. moisturiser

2. face primer

3. corrector

4. foundation

5. concealer

6. face powder.

Is that too much of products?

Then follow all the above steps skipping #2 & #4 . If you have very less imperfections, then skip correctors and apply concealer directly. 🙂

Please note: Always set your concealer with a powder.

Update: The above concealer palette are hard to find so here is another one that can be a replacement which is equally good.

Available on Vegan Makeup Dubai

orange corrector, cover dark circles

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  1. I’d say for me is my problem is not the dark circles. I think it’s more the bagginess in my eyes.. some of my pictures you can definitely see it. I have to angle my face a certain way to hide the definition of where the bags starts. Argh.

  2. i found about corrector when my mua at MUFE told me how i can hide my dark circle step are a little different though…two different way of applying for me..

    1.mix corrector with concealer – concealer – foundation


    I usually don’t apply foundation around my eye area because i do not want to cancel off the highlighting effect of the concealer and also the mattifying effect..if i do so then my eyeshadow/mascara would smudge….

    1. YEs those are the steps followed by most people too. I guess it totally depends on how you like it and the requirement of product according to skin type. One has to experiment fist before finding out the right way to do it for themselves.