For all of you who have been following me, know I cover my head and wear abaya always.

This is something that many of you admired about me and have asked to share some tutorials on how to wrap and style a scarf. So, lovelies, Instagram is where you will find all my hijab tutorials and I officially released my first ,using scarves. Everyone loved it and so did I. Why not, their materials are just too good and inspired me to do more tutorials.

The look will be incomplete without the scarf itself and so I proudly introduce to you all Qaamash,me, an online store in Dubai where you can get one of the best quality scarves at our doorstep for a very affordable price.

Before going for any product, it is just best to know a little about the brand,right? So here you go, quoting Qaamash team

We were about the age of nine and eleven; a friend of our father asked us to cover our heads. We took it as a joke and started covering our heads in front of him. Once he introduced us to his nieces who came to Dubai from London for Dubai Shopping Festival. To our shock they were so modestly dressed and covered their heads without letting any hair out! It just took us two or three meetings and we ourselves started covering our heads while going to public places. Well since then it was much easier to avoid hairstyles and matching jewellery issues, it became a habit. We have a weird connection with our hijab nothing emotional or religious, its just necessary to us without which we feel incomplete. The irony is that I have to purchase the scarf first and the entire attire later. So I though why not just start making scarves on our own. Any colour that we think of should be in our wardrobe! Qaamash brings you all the basic/plain scarves in Chiffon, Jersey and Cotton. Qaamash will be at your service any time you need us for any material any colour even if you would like to customise it as per your requirments. It’s at your door steps, the best part is that it comes to you, you don’t go to it!

How cool is it. So let me just haul what scarves I got. Just click the picture and it will lead you right to their Instagram page.

I got the mustard scarf which is a very light weighted chiffon, perfect for Summer and oh my very first Mustard head cover.

The nude shade is so beautiful ,compliments my skin tone so much ,very light and Summery and below is the tutorial.

Last but not the least is the pink scarf which I think is my 2nd favorite among the three,which the nude being my first. You will see me wearing it in almost all of my pictures on Instagram that’s how I love it. What I love about this one is the size which is very wide and is perfect for folds.

To order, please DM Qaamash on their Instagram.

Stay tuned for more tutorials esp for Eid<3


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