As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was sent some quick eyeliner stickies too along with the quick makeup stencils.

Quick Eyeliner Stickies Stencil
Quick Eyeliner Stickies Stencils

So here are some more interesting goodies to play with. Some things to make makeup application easy and quick.


  • Use gel eyeliner for stencils
  • Apply eyeliner first before eyeshadow as the sticky part will take off the applied eyeshadow too.
  • After applying eyeshadow, just retouch eyeliner using black eyeshdaow to remove any eyeshadow fall outs.
  • You can use the stars and hearts for young girls. I have used them for my 7 year old, I’m sure even teenagers will enjoy them.
Quick eyeliner stickies stencil
Quick eyeliner stickies stencil

I’ve been using the stickies a lot, and this is just one of the makeup looks I created using it. <3

1441528112394For all makeup beginners, if not beginners, those who are struggling with applying eyeliner, this one is ideal and a must have for you. It simply makes life a lot easier.

Quick Makeup Stencils ship worldwide for FREE and you can get the details of this product here.

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