Benefit Buff dust
Benefit Bluff dust

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So, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this mysterious piece. Well at least for me it was as Benefit claims it corrects and conceals redness and any signs of fatigue. It’s in a yellow powder form, the look reminds me of Ben Nye Banana powder though both the products are of very different purpose. I’ve been very intrigued by the fact that it comes in a loose powder form and works as a concealer because we are familiar with concealers in liquid and cream form. So the biggest question I always had in mind was, will it really hide imperfection?

Benefit Bluff dust
Benefit Bluff dust

Let’s first start with the packaging, the box is a mix of light yellow and black color, comes with the plastic jar but a good one not the cheap plastic at all. It comes with a puff that you will use for application.

How to use: Shake it well and apply the powder directly using the puff or if you prefer brush , you can use that too. I prefer using the puff it came with as I get to push the product into my skin very well with this than a brush.

So, I don’t really have much of redness on my face, but i did try applying it on some areas with uneven colors , the first coat showed a little difference and I applied the 2nd coat to get a better coverage. I’d say it didn’t really make that much of a difference like a normal liquid or cream concealers do, but if you want something very light to cover some imperfections, this product is for you then but if you want full coverage concealing job (sound weird ) then this one is not for you.

Special thanks to Ebeautique, where I got the chance to try out this product I’ve been longing to get my hands on. 😉 you guys should visit and check out all the other items they have. They take orders for several brands at a reasonable price.

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