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Recently I tried jumping into the bandwagon of artificial nail art. Now, let’s keep aside “art” and talk about the artificial nails please LOL. Putting them on is so challenging and working with very long nails, is just not me. Kudos to all those who have those very long nails 24 x 7 be it natural or artificial nails. I love watching Nikkie tutorial , Patrick Satrr, Desi Perkins etc but have always wondered how do they even spend one whole hour with those long nails. All I can think of doing after having such nails done is just sit and relax as I can’t do makeup with those, wash dishes, cook, can’t even eat pop corn with those. :’D Let’s take a moment and give all those having very long nails, a standing ovation.

Anyway, since I was trying for the first time, I thought of spending the least I can and soartificialnailsdaisojapan I grabbed few stuff from Daiso Japan. It is a shop where we get very interesting stuff for very less. AEd7 almost all items and few AED9. So I got from there the artificial nails. It has 80 pieces inside, of all sizes, you can choose whichever suits you. Of course, we would need something to stick it to the nails and for that I searched for nail glue and couldn’t find it anywhere(I checked Geant, Carrefour and adhesive tape for nails-daiso japan- art-nail art-nail tipsdifferent outlets of Daiso). So the impatient me had to stick it anyway so I ended up buying adhesive tape for nails.

I found the nails okay for few hours use. It is of plastic kind of material which I think is fine for the price I got it. Anyway I will be painting it and what is underneath is invisible. So , if you are someone who is just looking to have those extra long nails for an event or function for few hours, then go ahead with it. But these are not the ones you would like to use for everyday whole day use. Now I found the adhesive tape be not worthy at all. Even though it was cheap,I was just not satisfied. Though it did its job, my nails were glued properly but it started wearing off after few hours. I cooked and washed dishes and I guess this was the reason. If you plan to use it for few hours without using much water, then this will definitely work. I just think there could be a glue or tape in the market that is of better quality that would do the job no matter how much water I use. But I have used this at times when after doing them I went straight away for a dinner party and it was still perfect after I came home.

artificial nails-nail art-daiso japan nails
The default length and shape of artificial nails


You can check the Video for details on how I did my nails or read along 🙂

  1. Clean hands and nails
  2. Put on the adhesive tape on each nail and trim according to size and shape
  3. Put on the nails according to your size( choose the nails you want to use before starting this process)
  4. After sticking the nail, press it carefully so it fits well and won’t move. artificial nails-nail art-daiso japan nails
  5. Cut the nails and give them your desired shape and length.
  6. File the edges – it seems weird thinking of filing a plastic kinda nails, but it actually worked.
  7. Apply your desired nail color and you are DONE.


I used two nail polish here, one is fuchsia pink(Rimmel) and other very light purple(Avon) Looked really chic and beautiful.

artificial nails-nail art-daiso japan nails

Here is the VIDEO version of this “How To” <3

Hope you enjoy watching it, if so don’t forget to subscribe <3




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  1. I really dislike fake nails just because I like to have my nails matching my mood and I also do a lot of cooking, so I don’t know, I’ve never liked much. Kinda crazy! 🙂
    Despite that, I really like your nails! I guess I have to try it!