Took me ages to upload this post but I’m glad I finally am doing it. Open-mouthed smile

Hard Candy….the first time I heard about this palette was just few days ago from a friend. She ordered this palette as she was searching for some intense shimmery shades to add to her collection and I happen to be one lucky girl to be able to swatch it, and use enough to be able to share with you my views on it.In love


The palette was received as it is. With no box or any kind of seal plastic what so ever. The lid was just prevented from opening by a scotch tape. I’m not sure if it is the same in other parts of the world but in Dubai, this is how we received it.

First Impression:

I’m not a big fan of it’s appearance at all. It is made of “not-so-good” quality plastic , the green color is a total turn off for me. I just don’t get why they added a kind of leather green patch to the palette with that plastic silver kind of design on the right corner. I really didn’t want to start my review with anything negative but I just had to start from here. Thinking smile The material would have been fine as most cheaper brands use that , minus the green thing.


I was not shocked to see the left corner part of the green patch unglued. The quality just told me it will happen anytime soon. Thumbs down Wish they just remove this and keep it plain,would have loved it as the color inside looks very pretty ,the more they show outside the more beautiful the palette would look. I can totally just neglect these flaws by the fact that they are “cruelty-free

Here  comes the fun part Moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


As you open the palette, you’d see 10 beautiful colors in the pans with shimmers and glittery finish. Indeed very pretty. They seem so silky and soft that you wouldn’t want to wait to just pick them.


Very chalky.


Color Pay-off:

Pretty decent,however use eyeshadaow base for intense result and since it is buildable ,can’t really complain much. As can be seen in swatches the colors look so beautiful and this color shows so after application of 3 coats with finger.

Lasting Power:

Not good on its own and should be used with an eye shadow primer to last long.


When wiped with tissue paper, this is what you see. Moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


Hope you find this post helpful. If you won any Hard Candy palette, do share your views please. Smile


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  1. I’ve always seen this brand in Walmart and wanted to try it:) These are pretty colors and thanks for your honesty about the product!

  2. Hey Veena, being a huge fan of Hard Candy products, I do not own this one. I literally just bought a new Hard Candy palette today and am looking forward to trying it out. I will have to agree that their shadows work much better with a primer but I do love their colors.