After my bad experience and frustration with my previous subscription with Glambox, I was in a hunt for other sub boxes that ship internationally and was so lucky to find Kuwaii Box that not only ships worldwide but ships them for FREE!! Isn’t that amazing? I found other boxes too but the temptations of the products in Kuwaii website was just too much. They are so full of cuteness that I feel like a kid again. I really don’t want to keep you guys waiting so let’s just move on to what I received. Scroll down for the video where I showed each and every stuff.

Kuwaii Box is a subscription Box you will receive from Japan and Korea. They have different super affordable subscription plans to offer to their subscribers and I suggest you check them out here.

I received a total of 11 items in the box and some cards and flyers.

Kuwaii Subscription Box August 2015
Kuwaii Subscription Box August 2015

So, like many subscription boxes out there, they have 1 welcome card with list of items they sent printed at the back.

I also received flyers with the following info:

  1. Share your Kuwaii Box & Win a Kuwaii Megabox worth over $100. – So use #KUWAIIBOX and share on all social media they are pretty much everywhere. 
  2. Japan Candy Box- This is another subscription box full of sweets and snacks that you can subscribe to and ships for free worldwide.

Check their website

3. Blippo Kuwaii Shop- This flyer offers you 10% discount code you can use when shopping from

4. Welcome Card and Items List

DSC_6685Kawaii Neko Plush

DSC_6688Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case

DSC_6687Macaron Ink Pen

DSC_6682Cloud Memory Letter Set- Check out this video below to see what are the colors of envelopes I got. <3

DSC_6684Korean Deco Tape

DSC_6683Popsicle Squishy Charm

DSC_6689Mini animal Spray Bottle

DSC_6681Alpaca Tin Case

DSC_6680Puffy Paradise Stickers

DSC_6678Naru Naru Gumi Numi DIY Candy Kit

DSC_6679Polka Dots Shoe Laces

So here are all the items I received in my August Box , hope you enjoyed looking at them as I did and my daughter is the happiest to own all of them except for the mini spray which I am keeping for my makeup use. So if you are someone , who loves subscription boxes and are interested in little cute things then definitely go for Kuwaii box. It is even very good as surprise gifts and very affordable.

Their website

Their Facebook Page

“This box was sent to me by Kuwaii Box for reviewing and all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post is totally mine and is not paid whatsoever.”


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