I so wanted to do this review for ages now, as it’s been 1 month already since I bought this awesome stuff. My hunt for natural,organic and cruelty products is still on, and in this journey I discovered “LeSoie”. So I stopped by their stall and inquired about their products and came to know they had handmade beauty products and use skin-friendly ingredients. Their soaps are just a WOW! Specially the cupcakes ones. But since it was my first time, I didn’t want to invest much for trying purpose. So I bought one bath bomb and the sales lady was so kind to give me a sample of their soap for me to try out as she saw how eager I was. 😀

Today I will be reviewing about the Bath bomb and to be honest I’m so happy as I have been seeing everyone raving about bath bombs from lush cosmetics. So when I saw Le Soie had one, I knew I just had to grab it.

Le Soie Bath bombs
Le Soie Bath bombs

The Packaging:

The product is packed very neatly in a plastic wrap keeping it safe from breaking and falling out.


The Inside:

The inside products is just like a ball of powder that you need to put immediately in the bath tub as soon as you remove the plastic wrap or it may break , cause the powder to shed and leave you with “semi-round” ball 😛

The Odor:

It smells like a very yummy strawberry. Yes fellas, not just strawberry but yummy strawberry. You will literally enjoy  the whole aroma once it is in water , trust me, you wouldn’t be able to wait to just get in there. Soaking myself in water that smells so refreshing just feels so good and relaxing. This comes in other flavors too but there’s something with strawberry. Even with ice creams, I would have strawberry first before trying any other flavors. 😛

20150902_094636The best part was putting it in the water and see the bomb explode. It’s kinda fun to see the whole scene. LOL You know what I mean.


This is how it looked when I finally decided to have a good time inside , read a book while in there and make some noted on my next blog posts. <3

I got this product from Le Soie , Ibn Batuta Mall for aed16

Check out the video for the demo <3



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