First time I saw this was in Tati’s hands. ( My favorite YouTube) I loved the way the mascara performed and without second thoughts, I ordered. Since it came to me, I mostly just used this.


The mascara has two sides. One side is labelled “1” which is the eyelash primer and the other side is labelled “2” which is the actual product. 😀

Loreal voluminous superstar mascara-makeuptips-reviewsWhen the primer is applied, it coats your lashes with white product and at the same time gives a very nice curl and volume. I am super impressed with this.

Loreal voluminous superstar mascara-makeuptips-reviewsThe mascara is a very black product and the consistency is just perfect, not too thick and not too thin. However I noticed the consistency became very thick on cold days and had to put it on hot water to get the right product out. But no complains,  it works the way I want. The wand is a bit curved which cups the lashes perfectly giving them the curl I want as well as length.

L’oreal says

Super-Volumized, Super-Extended, Superstar Lashes.

Yes I agree, my lashes looked volumized,long and curled!

I personally do not like waterproof mascara, simply because I do not have reason to use one. I do not plan to cry after applying mascara nor plan to go swimming then why should I use waterproof one when I know it will only be harmful for my lashes. There are other makeup products that I’d prefer waterproof though but never mascara. So this one, washed off very easily without primer. With primer, it didn’t really give me hard time removing it but took some time to really get off all the traces.

Results with primer: Perfect volume, length, super curl.

Results without primer: Curl, volumized but not too lengthy.

Loreal voluminous superstar mascara-makeuptips-reviews
Applied with Primer and no makeup at all to highlight the results
Loreal voluminous superstar mascara-makeuptips-reviews
Applied with primer and with makeup on.

I bought this from Avon,Fm and other Branded Cosmetics on Facebook. Price was I guess around AED60 to 65 ,can’t remember exactly.


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