NYX Jet Black
NYX Jet Black

Hi beauties,

This one, I had to share. This eye pencil is a gem to me. I recently spent a lot on NYX cosmetics during the sale season in Dubai and this eye pencil I bought for the first time. It is just perfect for water lines both upper and lower , it is water proof and very long lasting. I had it on for 14 hrs and it was there as it is.

addtext_com_MjMwOTAwMjUwMjQ1Look how black it is! I just love super duper black pencils. So I swatched this during day time, and next day in the evening it was still there, a bit lighter but was there. Considering the fact that I perform “wudhu” (Ablution for prayer)five times a day, I must say this works really well.  I think I got this for AED20 after sale

NYX-The Curve
NYX-The Curve

So my other purchase is this beautiful thing. It is an eyeliner which has tip like a marker and is literally like a pen. I love it’s tip , it’s very pointed and perfect for precise Cat-winged eyeliner. Another reason to be happy for me. LOL

Price : AED41 after Sale

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    1. I have used other felt tips before but I like this NYX Curve better. It is so easy to grip and the tip is soo pointed that there is no way one can miss on that classic wing.