Been seeing this product for a while now and I believe the first I saw was from Clarisonic, but the idea of paying a lot for something I wasn’t sure would work for me though the reviews were very good, made it impossible for me to buy one. The idea of having a giant toothbrush rubbed on my face was a bit weird. But curiosity can kill seriously! I kept doing my research , I even found the cheap China version of these brushes which was around AED25 but I couldn’t just get myself to use that too. Can’t risk on my skin.

Luckily , I found the Olay Regenerist Cleanser while doing my routine grocery in Geant. The cleanser is for AED135 only and how could I resist that. The Clarisonic one start from AED500 and can go till AED1500. So Olay was really attractive. 😀 Plus Olay is a trusted brand in my family, so I just had to give it a try.

I have used this on and off for a month but been using it religiously since only a week and so far I am loving it.

olay regenerist cleanser-makeupworldbyveenaolay regenerist cleanser-makeupworldbyveena- usual , Olay’s packaging is very classy. This one is a bit different form the usual Olay products I buy that has a black and golden combo package. Check out the Olay Mask that I loved. The box contains the cleanser brush, 20 ml cleanser and 2 AA Batteries.

The Cleanser Brush:

olaycleanser-olayregeneristcleanserThis is how the cleanser brush looks like. It is very light, easy to handle and the size is just perfect for a good grip. It comes with one brush. Brushes are sold separately for around AED35 at any Olay stand.

olayregeneristAt first, I thought how do these products work. The brush would be too harsh for my skin but it actually is not. It is very gentle but not too soft to not clean the dirt. It won’t poke your skin.

olay regenerist cleanser-cleanser brush-cleansing brushSo the tool has a power button , you turn it on and the wheel will start spinning. The smaller button controls the speed of the spin.

oilofolayregeneristMy Final Verdict:

The Cleanser brush is already my favorite as it does what it claims to do. After my deep cleansing, my skin feels soft, clean and smooth. Of course, skin is less oily now. 😉 This is how it works, clean your face properly, once it is cleaned all the other skin care products(moisturiser, toner, serum etc) will then work effectively as there is no dirt blocking the way. Got it?  For the price, I think it is a very good deal, easy to use and the most useful skincare product ever. I will be updating my review after a month, so stay tuned.

Highlights from the box:

up to 4x better cleansing+effectively prepares the skin for your anti-ageing routine

after 1st use:skin is instantly cleaner,feels fresher. Skin’s texture is improved and feels smoother. After 1 month skin noticeably looks healthier.

How I use:

  1. Wet face
  2. Apply the cleanser that came along, all over face.
  3. turn on the cleansing brush.
  4. Gently massage it all over the face for about a minute
  5. Rinse


Price: AED135

P.S: Many have asked , also it was the first question that came in mind when I saw this product. “Which one is better, Clarisonic brush or OLAY?” As per what I observed when checking out the Clarisonic brush on the counter, I see no difference except that the Olay brush spins while the Clarisonic one does not. This product actually benefited a lot of sensitive and acne prone skin.


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