Olay Total Effects 7x
Olay Total Effects 7x

Here is a very short and quick review on another goody I received from Glambox in the month of May.

Olay Total Effects 7x Mask Stretch-n-fit

I always admired Olay’s packaging, they always choose a very sophisticated color combination which attracts me a lot. This one comes in black and golden combination as other products by them. The box comes with 3 strech-n-fit masks cloth packed in sachets.

Why does it say “7x”?

This mask will actually fight against the 7 signs of anti-ageing which are:

♥ reduces appearance of wrinkles

♥ smoothes skin

♥ evens skin tone

♥ brings out healthy looking glow

♥ mnimizes pores

♥ diminishes appearance of age spots

♥ hydrates dry skin

At some point I was concerned about the 7th point as I have combination skin ,more towards oily and so was skeptical about my skin becoming more oily with the intense hydration this mask offers. However, it is not the case and this mask worked perfectly for me. The mask in the sachet, is kind of soaked in a lotion with a very pleasant aroma, you pull it out and put on face, stretching it to fit. Leave it on for only 15 minutes, which is a plus point specially for those in a hurry , and when done, remove the mask, clean face with tissue as you really do not need to wash it off. But I chose to wash my face after the mask. The thought of some mask product on my face is just not acceptable for me. Yeah crazy me, it’s just lotion, we can put plenty of creams and makeup why not lotion? Still, it’s a mask..you know what I mean.

Would I purchase this product ?

Definitely, yes! It’s high time I need to take serious care of my skin(well I’ve been doing that already), time is flying delay those wrinkles as much as you can! LOL 

Thank you for reading. <3


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  1. Thanks for sharing the review, I like the packaging too and even though my skin is oily, I like a healthy glow, this product sounds tempting enough to try.