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So I guess nowadays I’m so into “eyelashes” 😀 My last post was also related to lengthening lashes, you can check here.

Today , I’m here with sets of beautiful Cruelty-free Mink Lashes from Pinky Goat. For sometime now, I’ve been wishing to get my hands on at least one of their Mink lashes as my friends have been raving about them. Not only 1 set, but they were so generous to send me 4 sets from their Mink Collection. Excited as a kid, receiving gifts on her birthday, I immediately took out all my magic makeup ,created an Eid Make up look just so i can try on one of the lashes. Boy was I surprised to see how comfortable they were. Okay before I go on and on about the lashes, let me tell you all, that I’m a coward when it comes to falsies. I fear putting them on, so not to mess up with my eyes as not long back ,I accidentally got the tip of the lash with glue on, inside my eyes. (Clumsy me) But my desire to wear all those beautiful,sexy and stunning lashes made me go out of my comfort zone and started practicing putting them on. As a newbie to falsies, I’d say Pinky Goat did a great job with these ones as they are light on the eyes and very comfortable.

About Pink Goat:

They are professional lash brand with variety of lashes to choose from. They have the Pro Lash Collection and a luxury range of cruelty-free Mink lashes. The Pro Collection lashes are made from synthetic fibres to create length and volume. While the Mink Collection lashes are handcrafted from authentic Mink hair, They say, it is cruelty-free as they are produced ethically and without harm to the animals as they are lightly brushed to collect the hair and thoroughly sterilised before production.


I received these goodies in cute,sophisticated wrap in pink <3 It’s so pinky and I love it.


Below are the looks I created for Eid using Pinky Goat mink Lashes. For those wondering what on earth is Eid, it is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims as Ramadan ends.

Pinky Goat -Areej Faux Mink Lashes
PicMonkey Collage
Pinky Goat- Ms. Mimi Mink Lashes
Pinky Goat- Ms. Mimi Mink Lashes
Pinky Goat- Ms. Mimi Mink Lashes

Go ahead guys, and check out their collection, I’m sure you will love them.!



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      1. sweetheart xoxoxooxoxo everyone in the blog world knows – I tell it like i see it – life is too short not to SAY WHAT YOU FEEL XXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOX more of VEENA’S EYES PLEASE XOXOXOXO <3 love xo C

    1. Hello hun! First of all, hats off for being able to wear them everyday. That’s tough job man! And yes, go ahead try them out. Wide range to choose from.
      Thanks for stopping by <3

      1. I ordered some fake eyelashes on ebay. We shall See how they go. Lol do the ones you have feel weightless or bothersome. One thing bad about me is that I do rub my eyes smh

        1. You’ll definitely not rub your eyes with the falsies on as you will be feeling something on your eyes. The one I have are very light weighted. But of course there’s always a difference between having them on and otherwise