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Ever wonder why you eyes are looking so tired? Why you look elder than how old you are? If you are following me, you might know by now that I am an advocate of skin care regimen specially at the age of 25, one should start working on fighting the arrival of wrinkles. Not that we can stop it, but getting wrinkles at a very early age is definitely something you can stop or at least delay.  That’s the reason, a wise girl will start shopping for her first set of anti aging routine.

We all are so occupied on working on our face and neglecting eyes. You should know that wrinkles will start appearing around the eye area so invest in a very good eye cream. How do I know which is the best eye cream? This is the most difficult to answer. I have until now used a total of three eye creams of different brands. Before anything, let me make this clear. We usually look for an eye cream that will work on our eye puffiness, dark circles , wrinkles etc. None of these creams will ever resolve all these issues in an instant. First , research and know the reason you are having puffiness, dark circles. Usually reasons are, lack of sleep, allergy, high intake of salt, consumption of alcohol etc. But you can definitely reduce all these with a good eye cream by keeping it hydrated.  You will get result in the long run.

Since Pond’s is a trusted skin care brand in my family I didn’t think much and grabbed their Firm & Lift Eye cream. Now it’s been  8 months since it is part of my skin care regimen and I love it. Not that I have a lot of wrinkles, or dark circles or puffiness. But I know my eyes is well taken care of. It keeps my eye area hydrated, smooth and looking healthy.

Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye conotur Lifter

Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye conotur Lifter

It has a slightly thin consistency than usual creams due to which applying around the eye area becomes very easy.

Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye conotur Lifter

It has the perfect applicator which gives a very cooling effect. I love this kind of eye creams, this applicator is a plus point as it soothes the under eye. You need to squeeze the product to the applicator and apply on the eyes. Keep the applicator clean after every use. Moreover Pond’s designed the shape of the applicator in a way that it will sit on the contours of your eyes very easily. Though I have tried other ey creams, I keep coming back to this baby. Love it!

How I use:

I apply the product to the eye directly from the applicator for like 30 seconds then continue massage in circular motion using my ring finger around the eyes. Around the eye includes the upper part of lid, the socket. Continue till all the products is absorbed by the skin. Apply it in the morning and night.

Use very light hands while doing the massage.

This product has Polyimide and Lipodipeptide for an instant lift and firm making skin look 10 years younger.


“What we have discovered with the Perception of Age study completes the anti-aging market. Armed with the latest developments in skincare that the lower half of the face contributes to an older appearance, the Pond’s Institute created Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift,” said Judy Mao, R&D Global Design Director – Pond’s.


I bought this for aed60 to 65

Available in Carrefour, Lulu and Geant

for further queries, you can visit them on Facebook.

So go and get one for  yourself now. Do not hesitate in trying different products to find a suitable one because your skin is the most important. Love and pamper it. <3




Disclaimer: I was sent the same product by Pond’s Arabia for review but I have already been a regular user of this product and all thoughts and views expressed expressed in this post is my honest opinion.


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  1. Hope I find this in India. My mom definitely needs one. Thanks for the review. I didn’t knew ponds have under eye cream. My mom uses its age miracle cream regularly its been a good experience so far. Should I ask her to add this eye care cream along with ponds age miracle?