Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown

While everyone is busy buying their most desired eyebrow product recommended by the whole world and no one gives a damn how costly it is(it usually is one same product everyone talks about,comment below if you know what I’m talking about :P), I, on the other hand ,spent my time Googling some magical wand for my eyebrows that works wonders and at the same time, pocket friendly. I have actually found a lot to try and even ordered some and will share with you all one by one.

Today is all about Revlon Brow Fantasy by Colorstay in the shade Dark brown.

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown

So it is a brow pencil on one end and brow gel on the other end. Let’s talk about the pencil first. I ordered this online, just like all my eleventy gazillion stuff, I chose the shade “Dark Brown” as technically anything lighter than that won’t suit me because of my complexion, and anything darker than that would be black which I don’t like for my eyebrows as it will look so fake and cartoonish….on me at least. So I felt dark brown was the safest.

The Pencil:

Though it says “Dark Brown” it is not at all. The shade is almost like dark gray which I admit is just the perfect color for my eyebrows. It matches my brow hair(I don’t know if that even makes sense) 100%. This is the best part of the product. The color just blends with my brows so well that you won’t see any harsh lines or artificial strokes. The pencil lasts very long on the brows specially after using the gel. I always wanted a pencil that will still leave my natural hair as it is and won’t cover. Something that will just be there and disappear between my hair at the same time give it a very good shape and filling. I got this with this pencil! It gave my brows great dimension.

Revlon Brow Fantasy
Revlon Brow Fantasy

The Brow Gel

While I am so much in love with the pencil, I am not a big fan of the brow gel at all. It doesn’t hold my hair together as it should. I feel it is just a liquid formula with a certain shade and nothing else. Even after applying it on my “penciled” brows, the hairs still try to move everywhere. But, I’m restless and adventurous, I couldn’t just leave this gel abandoned. So I took some of my hubby dear’s hair gel and added inside the gel tube 😛 Guess what, it worked wonders!!! LOL Whenever I’m out of brow gels, I always reach to my husband’s hair gel and top it off with any eyeshadow color of my choice. 

Will I purchase again?

Of course. I bought this for only aed28!!  Man,why not buy again. I will infact buy at least 3 this time. I ordered it from a friend in U.S , not sure if they are available here but can definitely be ordered through Facebook sellers. Check out where I order my stuff from, here.


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