Shahnaz Hussain Gol Skin Radiance review

I’ve been very excited to share with everyone my experience with Shahnaz Hussain Gold Skin Radiance.

I has 24 Carat pure gold leaf and claims to have organic ingredients. Not bad right?

Shahnaz Hussain Gol Skin Radiance review

It has for cute little jars inside the box. I have used it twice already and there is still enough product inside that i can use maybe two or three times more.

Shahnaz Hussain Gol Skin Radiance review


1. Cleanse face properly then apply the Gold Scrub on face and neck and massage very gently in circular motion.

2. Wipe it off with moist cotton or any soft fabric.

3. Then apply the Moisturizing cream and massage.

4, Apply the Gold Gel and gently rub till it is absorbed by the skin. (Have patience as this step takes a while )

5. Final step is the Gold Mask, apply it all over the face except the lips and area around the eyes. Wipe it off or wash after 15 minutes . ( I washed it off after 20 minutes though)

The Results:

This is a very good and worth having facial kit , as it gives an instant glow to your face and the skin feels very soft and smooth.

I’m sorry for not being able to post the price as it was a gift from India. If any of you knows, please share the price under comments . 🙂 <3

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