Yes! I have today the currently most raved and loved e.l.f product, the e.l.f contour palette. I guess e.l.f is coming up with a lot of very good products lately and this palette came at the very right time when everything that everyone talked about was contouring and highlighting. So now everyone has another very affordable option to add to their makeup collection.

e.l.f contour palette

The packaging is black just like the other products from the e.l.f studio line. Very neat and sleek, light and easy to handle.

elf contour palette

It has a huge mirror in the palette which is a huge plus point. I ended up grabbing this whenever I do my makeup mainly for the mirror and it is what you will find in my purse that I carry around.

It has 3 matte shades and 1 a bit shimmery. 2 shades for highlighting and the other 2 for contouring. The highlight shades are very good.

elf contour palette swatch

The first from the left is almost a white highlighter with a little bit of shimmer, I use it mostly to highlight brow bones and upper part of cheek bones. The 2nd shade from left is a highlight shade with a little yellow undertone but the yellowish in it doesn’t show up at all making it the perfect under eye setting powder. I love it to set my under eye concealer. The 3rd shade is the only one that I do not reach for at all. It is very light for my skin tone at least. The 4th is a perfect shade to contour though the color doesn’t show up much when swatched, it definitely is intense on cheeks. The shades feel very soft and velvety but it does have fall outs.

e.l.f conotur palette

Another best thing about this palette is, you can easily remove the pans and maybe interchange it with other e.l.f palettes like the blush palette. If you are traveling and want to carry this palette so you can replace one with a blush.


  1. Very Affordable
  2. Light weight
  3. Easy to handle/carry
  4. Pigmented ( though you need to build it up more for to increase intensity)
  5. Has mirror
  6. Compact
  7. It has Vitamin E which does a good job to skin.


  1. Powdery/Chalky
  2. The 3rd shade is useless as it  almost doesn’t have any colour.
  3. Difficult to blend
  4. fall outs when used

I would recommend you to get this, for the price you get 4 shades, if you can make use of the 3rd one, the highlighters are perfect esp the 2nd shade to set concealer. The contour shade is a perfect contour shade as it has a gray undertone which makes it look like a natural shadow when applied,not orangy at all. I can totally ignore the cons in this palette as I get more pros 😀

Well done e.l.f



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  1. I think the only elf product I have is the stippling brush, and it broke like 7 times in 3 years :)))) I still have it and I will probably replace it with another elf stippling brush- I guess I just like to play around with glue :D. This contour palette looks really nice but to bad is Powdery/Chalky , maybe in the future they will improve the texture .
    xoxo, Elena from Beauty Magic Box.

  2. Such a great idea that the pans are removable – I love things like that! It sounds like a decent palette, too 🙂

    Jess xo

  3. I haven’t tried many products from elf and I have been wanting to try some of their products. I just need to order 🙂 I’m sure I’m not going to order this palette though x

    Pink Frenzy