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I know , I know, too much of liquid lipsticks already but seriously, you need to see this one. My obsession with liquid lipsticks just keeps growing and nowadays it is all about dark shades specially red. This is my very first product from the brand, I never had any Rimmel item and was very skeptical to buy this. This product was for aed39 I think, I can’t remember exactly , but for a brand I have never tried and never have researched about, it was too much for me to pay. Thanks to the sales lady who swatched this immediately and I just had to buy it. Who would ever say no to such a cute looking lipstick too?  Ever since I bought this, I have worn it a lot and now I am so ready with my detailed review.

Rimmel London Provocalips 16hr Waterproof Lip Color

It is a liquid lipstick with the lip color on one side and the transparent gloss on the other. The colored product gives a matte finish and is called “intense color”  and the other end is called “lock &shine” which is a transparent product.

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Matte Finish Review:

The formula is a bit thin than any other liquid lipsticks I have used, due to which it lacks in pigmentation. 2 coats are required for this shade. After few seconds, almost a minute, it dries to give a matte finish.


  1. Glides on lips very easily
  2. Not sticky
  3. no smell
  4. beautiful shade
  5. very longlasting
  6. The tube looks really cute , the color combination and the lips on it.
  7. sleek and light weighted


  1. after a couple of hours it dries to the extent that it becomes flaky
  2. the packaging is a bit of a turn off. The tube is very cute but I was expecting it to be in a box or maybe with a proper seal than just a scotch tape. :/ I want to be sure that it’s never been opened but scotch tape seal is just not reliable and looks so cheap.
  3. The product seems to sit inside the lines of my lips after 2,3 hours.

lipgloss- red lipgloss-rimmel london

The Glossy Side:

I like this lipstick glossy than matte. Though I love matte lipstick but the formula of this one, is not the best matte out there.


  1. Long lasting
  2. does not pick the red color
  3. feels moisturising
  4. the wand is perfect as it doesn’t smudge the shade already on lips


  1. Sticky

Overall verdict:

This lip product should have come in proper packaging, properly sealed specially for the price they are sold at. It is better with the gloss on, than the matte side only.


Check out this video for more swatches.


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  1. Hey, yes it looked lovely on ur lips, but the problem uve stated of it being too dry without the gloss n then flaking is so very true, for rimmel, maybelline n even Loreal lipsticks of the same formulation. Which is a shame! 0n the other hand if you try NYX it will not budge; bleed, flake or dry out your lips n is much less the price! Have u given that a go?

    1. Thanks a lot for this suggestion. Been wanting to hear a genuine review on NYX Lip creams. It is the right time to buy too as sale is going on yay!!! Time to spend money hahahha