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Here is my share of thoughts about the Stila Eternal Love liquid Lipstick Set. Been wanting to try their lip products and what could be the best time than this. You get 3 of their liquid lipsticks for a very reasonable price. It is all about matte liquid lipstick and I thought this was the best time to add more to my collection <3

Eternal Love liquid Lipstick Set-swatch -review-stila liquid lipstick review

So it comes in the usual Stila packaging, the gold box! Stila always nails it with their packaging esp the holiday sets. So cute, beautiful and classy. It has three liquid lipsticks inside of the size of my palm and has really lovely shades.

Eternal Love liquid Lipstick Set Baci Swatch review

Baci is a mauvy kind of shade with grey undertone. A very unique shade that I personally think is designed for the fair-skinned babes. But if you have darker skin like me and loves this shade, then screw everything and apply it! When applying lipsticks, always consider your skin tone, the very light ones will make you look so washed out. Check out this post on how to wear nude lipstick and not look dead. This shade, would look really nice when your whole face is made up. Do not walk out of that door with this lipstick on , on a bare face unless you are really fair.

Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstciks Set Ricco Review Swatch

Ricco is a very deep maroon shade, so ideal for the winter season and to get that vampy look everyone is dying for ATM. I mixed the shades Ricco and Baci and below is the result <3 Ricco suits all skin tones with or without full makeup on 😛

stila ricco and Baci

Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstciks SetBeso swatch and review

Beso is a beautiful red with orange undertone that again,suits all skin tones. This shade with no eye makeup and just a cat wing liner is so perfect.

Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipsticks Set Beso swatch and review


  1. Very pigmented
  2. feels light ,creamy and glides on really easily
  3. gives a matte finish but doesn’t make lips dry at all.
  4. ideal for all skin tone
  5. very wearable shade
  6. long lasting
  7. easy to remove


Due to a bit of moisture in it and its “creaminess” the color transfers easily. So if your lips has a lot of work to do the day you apply it like eating, drinking, kissing maybe :’D then you might need touch ups.


Check out the video version of this review& Swatch.


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