There was a time when I was never interested in Wet n wild products for unknown reasons. I was never attracted to them though I own one of their eyeshadow palettes the I heart Matte palette (click here to view)and I loved it, still I didn’t at all learn how to admire the rest of their products. It seems strange but even I don’t have reason. But a friend of mine persuaded me to get at least 1 of their lipstick and I ended up buying 3 because they had plenty of shades to offer. Since it was my first time to use the brand, I restricted myself to buy only 3 , a lot of self-control was involved though.

Moving on the reason this post exists, 😛 …the review …

Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick
Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick

I love the size of the tube as it is slim and very light. Now let me tell you what bothers me about the packaging. Normally, we twist(I’m not sure if it is the right term to use)the tube so the product pops up , we twist it back and it goes back inside leaving no product visible then we close the lid. With Wet n Wild lipstick, this one in particular, you will see half an inch of product on top. It stays there and would go no further inside. I think they did this for beautification but I just do not like it because when I put the lid on, the lid touches some of the product and it is messed up as you see in the picture. Second, issue I have is, the formula is a bit dry , making it a bit difficult to apply as I won’t glide on lips easily.


So the best part of the whole story is , despite the 2 issues I mentioned, I still love theses lipsticks. First , because

  1. of the quality they provide you with the price they offer.
  2. they last really long
  3. very well pigmented
  4. variety of shades to choose from


In case you are wondering why there are only two lipsticks when I mentioned 3, my sister loved that shade and so now she owns it. 😀

I ordered my lipstick online from a friend in the U.S. But if you are living in UAE , head over to Geant and grab your Wet n Wild products now. The lipsticks there range between aed18 to 25. Woah!!!

P.S Wet n Wild lipsticks are known to be great dupe of M.A.C lippies. Go google it now. 😀


Thank you for reading.



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  1. I call wet n wild roducts the best lil secret. wet n wild is heavillllllllly underrated. I have their liquid liner for my cat eye, their gel liner to use for my brows, and god knows how many lipsticks. I love them and i use it as my back up when im out so i dont bring my pricier ones with me. love love loveeeeee wet n wild. the only shade i dont care for is 24 carrot gold. they need to go back to the drawing board with the formula for that shade

  2. My dad actually gave me a Wet n Wild lipstick. Funny thing is, dads rarely give make-up as gifts to their daughters (or am I wrong?). Maybe my dad gave me one because I don’t really use lipsticks (or make-ups for that matter), and it’s about time I should have one. I’m 30 btw. Haha