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Today I am here with a very short and quick post just to share my recent NYX lip liner purchases. I already had one before buying these, and I simply loved it so decided to buy more when I found out there was Sale on make up all around Dubai <3

NYX Lip Liners
NYX Lip Liners

So here are the swatches of the ones I have. On top is PINKY, Middle- PLUSH RED, bottom-Hot Pink. Guys, they are worth every penny i must say. apply it all over your lips and then top it with you lipstick. It works wonders as they are long lasting. It doesn’t mean it will look the same as how they looked when you applied but the whole day your lips will have the tint on. I bought it for AED18 each from Centrepoint, Dubai, U.A.E

Let me know if you own these pencils and what shades you have <3

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