addtext_com_MjI0MzEwMTU5MjUz Finally got this baby in my hands, I know it’s late as this was part of Wet n Wild Holiday edition back in 2011. But it’s never too late to get your hands on anything amazing! First impression: It is packed in a plastic palette, feels very light and delicate. Colors seems intense and beautifully matte <3 So here is the Wet n Wild I heart matte palette. It has 8 matte silky colors perfect for any kind of look from soft to bold, day look to daring party look. addtext_com_MjI0NDA0MTU5Mjc4 The eye shades have those labels stamped on each color to give you an idea on how and where to use it but you don’t really have to follow it and just play with it. addtext_com_MjMwMDAxMTc2MTI5 So the back of the palette have some instructions for you to follow as a beginner. They gave guidelines for 4 different looks. Again I’d say go wild with the palette and create your own interesting looks. 😉 addtext_com_MjI0NTMzMTU5MzE5 The above picture is a swatch of all the colors on a white eye base. I used my NYX eye shadow base every time I do my eye makeup. addtext_com_MjI0NzMyMTc1NDk4 Now is the comparison of all the colors with and without the eye shadow base. As you see, the colors applied directly on skin gives a very light soft result while the one with the eye shadow base just popped up the colors. addtext_com_MDAzNDQ3MTc0NzM Example of one look I created, using this palette. For more looks I’ll be creating, please join my Facebook page to get updates. Overall feedback: This palette is very much ideal for beginners because of its soft matte finish ,  if mistakenly you carried away in applying the shades it won’t make you look like a clown 😛 , easy to carry around as it is compact and very light weight. Use the colors with white eye shadow base for a vibrant result of shades, and don’t forget eye shadow primer to make it last longer. Where I got this from: A UAE based online shop , they offer a lot of varieties of branded cosmetics from drugstore to high end.


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