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I’m so excited to share with you, review of VALCENA PARIS products. I stumbled upon their Facebook page accidentally and started checking local online websites where I can order and have an idea of pricing just to discover that they were not sold here in U.A.E. So I contacted the company directly and they were so kind and generous to send me some products to try. “Try” doesn’t mean I have been sent samples only but they were so nice to actually send me 4 full-size products from their range Natural Rose Absolute along with some samples.

Valcena is a beauty care brand in Paris, who believes that it is possible to combine science and pleasure to be able to bring to us all natural mechanisms such as protection, repair and cellular renewal to maintain the skin’s health and youth.

Facts you should know:

  • One litre of rose essence requires harvesting 3000kg of hand picked-flower.
  • Natural rose petal components produce a high-quality plant oil that is used by the leading perfume and cosmetics brands.

So let’s go ahead with the details <3

Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute

Let me tell you all about my first impression feedback. Like any skin care products, each and every product came in a box. They are in glass and very good quality plastic bottles. Color combination is red and white as you see in the picture which I just love. Here, begins the feeling of “rose”.


  • Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute- Cleansing Milk

– You open the cap and you already feel like sitting in a bed of roses. <3 I know it sound cheesy but its a fact. This is an original texture, between milk and water. I’ve been using these products since 2 weeks now and since I started,I never picked any other make up remover other than this one. It cleanses as well as leaves your skin fresh and smooth at the same time.

Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute Cleansing Milk
Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute Cleansing Milk
  • Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute– Day Care

Okay to be honest the day cream is really of not use to me as it specifically for those who have very dry skin and I have oily skin. So I used it once and didn’t use again, but I’ll keep it to gift a dear friend. As I believe it will be as good as the rest of the products I tried.

Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute-Day Care
  • Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute– Cram Serum (Action Jeunesse)

The term “Action Jeunesse” means “Youth Action”. This Serum is designed for women over the age of 30 years. It moisturizes skin and provides rose activators that will basically delay the appearance of wrinkles. This complete treatment contains UV protection and vitamin E, which are the key qualities of effective anti-aging cream serums. I apply this all over my face and neck after cleansing and it leaves my skin really smooth and fresh. At this age, I’m always hunting for good anti-ageing products and I’m luckily it came to me 🙂


  • Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute -Eye Contour Roller Glace

This is probably my favorite product among all the stuff I received. It has all the components our skin needs to fight ageing process and will leave skin with Botox Effect. You need to apply it on eye contour area in circular motion and it feels so heavenly.The ball is cold and will leave a sense of freshness and cooling effect on eyes, I felt it draining away the tiredness of my eyes too. It is just a WOW.

Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute - Roller Glace
Valcena Paris- Natural Rose Absolute – Roller Glace
Valcena Paris-Natural Rose Absolute – eye Contour Roller Glace

Now let’s move on to samples

addtext_com_MTIxMTU2MjQwODMI received a total of 5 samples to try on but I really wish the sample held more products as each tube was good enough for two applications only. But still I’m happy to get them and being able to try as they aren’t available in local markets here.

Last but not the least, the gesture that impressed me……

addtext_com_MDYzNjAwMzU0NTE1A short and cute note from the export Director 🙂 This just shows how much effort and dedication is put on the brand and products. I truly felt special.

For someone like me who do not fancy floral scents, I am quite surprised I loved these products. The Scent of rose is just so heavenly that started searching for a really good perfume having similar fragrance.

Thank you so much Valcena Paris for giving me chance to experience amazing products.

Thank You for reading. <3


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