Okay so I’m starting my very first post for my Beauty Blog. A review on some of the different Kohl pencils I have used till date.

Without wasting much time , here is the first .

ELF Kohl Eye Pencil


Among the three, ELF Kohl Eye Pencil is my favorite. Very easily glides on to your skin, and long wear. I don’t need to sharpen it on every use which is the best thing as sharpening kohl pencils is one of the toughest thing to do for me. It has the kohl pencil on one end and on the other, the smudge brush. I have used it with an eye primer , hence it lasted for couple of hours. I use this daily whether i go out or just at home and am quite happy as it doesn’t wash off that easily.

Rate: 7/10

The 3 marks deducted is for the quality as in, I have to apply it twice to get the perfect black and sometimes it just spreads all over the eyes.

Avon Kohl Eyeliner with White Eye liner


Okay the Avon one is the worst among the three, I haven’t really used it until now except for the white pencil side. Why? Because every time I take it for using, I end up sharpening it as it keeps breaking. Grrr.

Rate: 2/10

2 points is for the other side which i sometimes use for my waterlines.

Sephora Kohl Eye Pencil


I’m sooo disappointed with this product. I don’t remember applying it without lots of hard work. It just keeps breaking and sharpening it is just impossible! For the brand, I think it’s a huge disappointment. though I managed to apply it using my extra lip pencil, but I can’t do that every time. What’s the purpose of buying the pencil when I have to use it as gel eye liner. No doubt, it stayed on really long but again i wish Sephora improves the quality of the Kohl.

Rate: 2/10

2 for the long wear quality.

Hope this was useful. Do comment with your favorite kohl eyeliners as I love trying out new ones .

P.S The product in this post is purchased by me and reviewed not in anyway sponsored by anyone 🙂


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