Everyone is crazy about Sephora, beauty lovers go crazy and gets out of control as soon as they enter the fantasy world(well, at least for makeup junkies like me)SEPHORA. But actually, how many of them pick up products from this brand? Mostly, would go there to buy products of other high-end brand like Urban Decay, Too Faced, Kat Von D etc but many a times, their very own products are neglected.

So I thought of bringing in for you some of my Sephora picks which I am currently loving and above all, the most important info is that they are AFFORDABLE. Perhaps the only brand at Sephora that is very affordable and some products are even priced way cheaper than some of the drugstore brands such as, Loreal, Nyx , Gosh etc.

By the end of this post, I am sure, you will enter Sephora with a different vision 😛

Sephora Contouring 101 Face Palette- Review & Swatches

sephora contouring 101 face palette


The palette comes in a very compact round case in a black box as many of Sephora’s products are. It weighs very light and is the size of my hand due to which it was the only palette I carried with me during my travel and the only one I used to apply makeup on a lot of faces for a wedding.

sephora contouring 101 face palette
A closeup of how the palette looks like

The back of the palette has the same information as the back of the box which is the introducton of the product,ingredients, manufacturing details etc.

sephora contouring 101 face palette



It has 5 shades of which 3 are for contouring and two for highlighting.

Total weight: 26.3g


sephora contouring 101 face palette

In my point of view, the palette is ideal for beginners as well as professional makeup artists as it has 3 shades for contouring, light,medium and dark. 2 shades for highlight of which one has a yellow undertone, perfect for Asian skin and other one pink undertone ,perfect for the very pale skin. It also comes with a leaflet with mini tutorials on how to use the palette.

The powders feel so buttery and soft, no fall outs and are very easy to blend. The browns has a perfect coolness to it that is ideal to contour the cheek bones and sculpt the nose.

For myself, I use the medium brown to contour cheeks and the lightest for my nose. the yellow highlight for brightening my under eyes and bridge of my nose. They are so pigmented yet very easy to manage and handle. The cool toned browns do not look muddy or ashy or dirty but gives enough shadowy look with a hint of warmth.

Best used with angled brush, my favorite one is F6 from the brand MUA(click here for details) but you can use pretty much any angled brush as long as it is of good quality and can pick shades beautifully.

Sephora contouring 101 swatches

Price: Around Aed75 to 90 from Sephora

Brush: From Make Up Academy ,Outlet Mall . For price please visit their Facebook Page.

Sephora contouring 101

Was able to get my sister model for me to try out this contour and she loved it!!

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