Today’s post is not going to be a detailed review on any product but actually I’m in mood of showing off a gift I received by one of the online sellers I order beauty products from. Indelath

Just be prepared for crazy pictures 😛

Nyx Eyeshadow palette
Nyx Eyeshadow palette

I order from them few stuff and with my order came this beautiful palette by NYX. It has 112 different shades of mattes and shimmers.

nyxboxofeyeshadowsThe front

nyxbixofeyeshadow2The back ….


Since the palette has two trays, one tray consist of brights shades which are cooler tones.

nyxeyeshadowThe other palette consists or warmer tones. All beautiful and have decent pigmentation.

It was very kind and generous of them to send me this amazing gift, something that I can make good use of.

If you are someone residing in U.A.E or Pakistan, then go ahead and check them out, they deal with almost all brands of cosmetics at a very affordable price. They are very good to deal with, patient with customers like me who keeps sending them pictures asking for prices. But they were always there to deal with me. They are reliable and for sure you are getting a genuine stuff.

Thanks a lot Indelath for taking my orders and specially this beauty palette <3



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  1. Beautiful palettes, I’m sure there’s going to be a wealth of new beauty looks created out of those! We don’t have NYX in the UK but I’m hoping to make it out to the US again soon, so I’m creating a bit of a wish list, thanks for helping!

    1. Pigmentation doesn’t make me crazy at all. lol
      Since I have my eyeshadow”ritual” that I follow to make any color pop, I’m just happy with it. Best thing is it has many colors to offer.