So I had the chance to doll up a dear friend of mine, Nadia and am so glad with the way everything turned out.

makeover-makeup tutorial-neitralmakeup

Nadia loves neutrals and she is not into bright colors at all , be it clothes or makeup. On top of that, she doesn’t wear makeup a lot. So I had a the huge task of doing her full makeup yet keeping it ‘natural’ That day she was going to meet her son’s teacher so that was another thing I had to consider while doing her makeup.  Something that won’t look too much for daytime …school meet up time….wear.

Makeover- makeup tutorial-neitral makeup
Some behind the scenes moment 😀

Watch the video for the complete tutorial of this look and browse for more pictures and the experience we had. 🙂

I made this tutorial as simple as I can that even a beginner can easily do.

neutral makeup-simple makeup




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