This post is something that just came out of nowhere. This is a Thank you note to you all. If you’re reading this, I assume you must be a blogger, if not someone interested in beauty blogs or if not ,then someone who loves to read. Well , in any case this thank you is for you too.

I’d like to thank all those who have helped me in my “Beauty Search” journey 😀

First and foremost that I’d like to thank is YOU. I was once in your place, someone who would look for other people’s opinion on certain products before buying them, it is amongst you, a blogger , a You tuber is born. You provide people out there an information they want.  If not because of you Google won’t have Wikipedias, there won’t be You tubers who give tutorials on various topics, or bloggers who makes an effort in penning down what they just “found out”.


I’d like to thank Google for providing all the information that there can be. A great help indeed. Just with few clicks, you get the whole world in front of you. Thank you Google. 🙂

addtext_com_MDAxOTMzNzEwOTIApplause ! For the You tubers out there. I know how much effort is put in making one single video before it is published. There is more to it than just sitting pretty there. Moreover it’s the skills all these people have that is of great help. To be able to transfer your skills to somebody through screen is  a big deal! And special call to all beauty You tubers, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys made my make up shopping a lot easier.


Last but not the least, the Beauty Bloggers. You guys are great!  Since I’m one of the bloggers now, I understand so well how much effort is put into every post. You need to be a good photographer, a make up artist, a walking beauty encyclopedia at the same time a writer. Phew! But there are many out there who are doing this whether for money or not ,doesn’t matter as anyway it helps many.

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